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  1. Hi im trying to log in on an old account of mine, but i can not remember the login name! I know the display name but cant remember login. I have an old screenshot from redeeming a pin on it, and there it says Account name: ***** and then the pin and date. Should this be the login name? What if i used an email address to create it would it show the email or the display name here? Because the name there is the display name that is on the friends list of my other accs but i cant seem to log in with it.
  2. im slaying jadinkos and got to 2k favour points, what should i do with them?
  3. Im getting a 404 error after i type the username in when i try to recover an account on runescape, tried at work and at home and at a friends house, no difference, what the hell is wrong?
  4. Makes me cry :'( I miss it so much!!
  5. Onnea matkaan! ;) Goodluck :) Add me ingame if you want, Addy Arrow and Lurifax :)
  6. Hi i would like to join a pvm clan for bossing (like bandos and other bosses). One that isnt super mega serious like ps0 or something, but one where i can learn going to different bosses and so on. I have never been to corp for example i would like to learn that. Any recommendations? I got ovls, 88 summoning, maxed melees, rapier and can get more chaotics (and i am working on it al the time) but only 70 prayer but working for 95 all the time. 89 range 77 mage.
  7. Ok, i used https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AqvdzzIgv8pbdFkxdlpsbXZUbnVMVDFqZllhQjF5Ync&hl=en#gid=0 this and looked at gp/xp and prayer potions seem to be the cheapest option according to that?
  8. Hi there Im currently 63 herblore and i want 89. What potions should i do? Looking to spend 30-50m, a bite more if its needed. Thanks
  9. Pk anyone anywhere in the wilderness in any world, luring expensive items and actually get them :thumbsup:
  10. They will cry when i D Baxe/Mystic Top scam their whips off them, and lure them in any possible way :twisted:
  11. Hopefully the soak on rune is like 5% at MAX
  12. Congratulations :) I brought my max mage equipment against a annoying main target on my pure, corrupt d long drop :) seems like risk = reward :P
  13. Lvl 4 with fire cape, sexy :D Saw him yesterday
  14. That is your own marker, not the clue marker? :D
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