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  1. Challenge redeemed: Mahogany bench (flatpack x120) Exp reward: 19452 construction experience Challenge bag: 736 magic logs
  2. Cheese Make 70 Reward: 51670 cooking exp Challenge bag: water talisman
  3. Yes, man! How could I forget. I used to play as Chocslice. :) Glad to see you 'round here again. Take care, mate. Acero_Frio
  4. Hmmm- I just did a Slayer challenge. Apprentice: kill 22 creatures set by a Slayer master. In exchange, I only got an SOF spin. No challenge bag. Weird?
  5. En route to 99 fishing. 81/99 at the moment.
  6. Reincarnation, but depends on the circumstances of your death. If you have suffered greatly beforehand, then there's a kind of "Get Out of Jail Free" with the afterlife. If you wanted to come back, you could.
  7. Quite pleased with that. When I've completed the goal, I'll be able to help even more with the other goal.
  8. The goal has got off to a good start. I helped a guy called Ishty786 earlier, by exercising the "teach a man to fish" principle. I gave him 10k and a lobster pot, and showed him to Karamja. Made me feel good. Should I invest in a few more lobster pots?
  9. Congratulations, mate. Keep those slayer levels rolling in! As for me, new goal= new blog, as I have not got the patience to revamp mine. (It's a goal with a difference, and I think it's just different enough to spark interest.) I'm not quitting, though, despite what the setup for the goal may indicate.
  10. Hello, Tip.it! You guys might've heard of me before, with a series of failed goals, accompanied by one notable success- 99 woodcutting, achieved in July last year. However, this goal is different. The concept of failure is also different, in that I can't. Yeah, you heard me- I cannot fail in this goal. I've decided to use some of my accrued wealth to spread a little good within the RuneScape community. I have a starting fund of 5m, and have set the following rules. 1. Beneficiaries must prove that they are in real need, by showing the item which needs upgrading (up to a value of 30k.) 2. Beneficiaries may ask for cash, up to a value of 30k. 3. No beneficiary will receive more than this amount, save extenuating circumstances. (Loss of complete sets of items, etc.) Please respond with any ideas of items which I should stock up on in preparation for this goal, or ideas of things which I should avoid doing. Thank you- I eagerly await your feedback, Chocslice.
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