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  1. you can't pot and buying mith and coal ore in blast furnace can get you 60 smithing in 1-2 days, blast furnace only uses half as mush as coal
  2. It is used to do the summoning potion, I beleive you can trade it
  3. metugo1

    Quest cape

    I dont hink that quest points in siggies update
  4. How many entries you got? BTW mines was Tip.It way more than just tips
  5. If you want some drops do slayer stuff
  6. I have heard of some high lvled players geting some pairs per trip
  7. Well, look at my stats I cant kill them ,but know something, protect from mage is very necessary, so maybe you can build up your set up around that
  8. Dumb question: Set up is what you bring in the inventory?
  9. Wel, there are some mages that are fighting other monsters and you could help killing them without taking damage, if not, go to an encampent, protect from mage with prayer bonus and kill
  10. I was wondering what should I use to train str, a dragon scimitar with rune defender or the barrelchest anchor?
  11. Slayer, farming, herbolore and rc will be slow and cons expensive
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