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  1. No, they are not on the quest list, so are these the redone prince ali rescue and I have to do these?
  2. Yes I just did, but I may have spoken to Leela about starting do no evil before doing the quest.
  3. I am trying to start do no evil quest. I have all the quests done including 100% mummy restoration for the quest but I am missing the bit where you bring Leela to Senliten's tomb. She is not in Draynor Village quest start point and not in the tomb, anyone had this before?
  4. My hotmail account is still being used, I changed the password and when I logged out and in I couldnt get back and I cant find a way of recovering my account without email when the email is validated.
  5. I was playing on my pure and I saw my main account log in! I tried logging in that and it said wrong password. My email account was hacked too and I recovered that. The problem I have is that recovering my Runescape account is sent to the email and nothing is being sent. What can I do to recover my account?
  6. I used to rc natures all the time, for me to go back it'd have to be 230 each at least, heres hoping. And just a tip, I have 94 crafting and am raising it by making water batttlestaffs. I hoard battlestaffs by buying off ge everyday and from zaff and when I can be bothered to make them I do in one go, last time I made 13k. I sold for 9.1k each and thats when you buy in bulk and alch for 9300 each. I used to buy off ge but buying off runescape forums is the way to go.
  7. I recently got summoning up to do this and was suprised when I timed it and got 250k a hour and I have giant pouch! I used your figures of 2200 essence used per hour. Obviously the amount of natures you get changes now but I used 1.3times for the extra natures with giant pouch and multiplied this by 140.
  8. I take it the gp per hour hasnt been updated as nature rune price has plumeted. If I remember rightly after pure essence came in they were 330 each. About a year ago they were 270 each but have gone way down to 140 each. I work this out to 160k a hour which is very disappointing considering what it used to be.
  9. Happened to me when I was in world 2. I thought it was just normal lag until I enered a master wand on the ge. It didnt submit properly and I tried to withdraw it before dcing, hope I don't lose it.
  10. What do you think lesser and greater demon ashes will level out as? I decided I wanted to get some magic exp with hati paws but wanted to do combat for hp exp too so I waited until this update. I haven't been to world 2 but the price thing says 600 ea which is too low a starting point.
  11. I got 1m from a guy dressed in santa gear :) I just watched a trust scam and thought it'd be another so I went along to report if he scammed.
  12. I don't level fast but I will update so here goes: I gotta do some quests so I did some important ones. It was fun. I banked my mtk coal to make adamant arrows. Unfortunately the price of arrows has gone down 20 gp each meaning a potential loss of 350k -.- I fancy getting 80 woodcutting along with 80 smithing for stealing creations. I've been burning the logs.
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