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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. 200M Divination and Invention you can still be the bestest player ever don't give up Runescape 4 [email protected]@
  3. Congrats to Forsberg888, the Master Spin Buyer.
  4. I'm sort of indifferent. As a company I think they do alright. Pretty hard to avoid favoritism and corruption in my opinion.
  5. Congrats to Drumgun for 200M all. :)
  6. Annnnd Drumgun is less than 5M away to maxing all skills. Last skill Farming. Wonder if he's going to do any minigames and get on those hiscores.
  7. Maybe go over to 2007 200M all in OSR! The ultimate Runescape player.
  8. I wonder what Fors will do after he finishes 200M all. He must be so used to grinding it out with maximum efficiency, it might be weird for him to quickly slow down. Or maybe not, I'd probably need a break.
  9. So does Forsberg have like enough bonus xp for 200M all, because he's tearing through fishing with 3M gained today so far...
  10. I still think it's an achievement.
  11. Sooooo Drumgun...Gonna be the "second" first to 200M all. Although when the new skill comes out I bet Forsberg888 will get 5.4B first.
  12. Can't wait. I like the EoC but this looks awesome too.
  13. Joined 2010 [email protected] I unfortunately don't have a lot of post count here though...
  14. Lots of bonus Divination XP. Automatically a good event.
  15. Mostly going to be doing eoc combat (slayer mainly) with some Runespan on the side Forget the combat, Runespan all the [email protected]@
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