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  1. arvid75! great guy , always helps me out ingame and i can ask him no matter what he is always there for me.
  2. ok i finally had the time to get on the forums again and i remembered i had to edit on your topic so here it is. i liked the vid very much , this can be a decent argument against ppl saying ranged is overpowered. i liked the vid a lot and it has good loot for a pure vid. i hope you make more vids like this one. greetz Misanthropia
  3. omfgzamljanb ****** (goes crazy) arvid is such a lucky nub :evil: joke=) however is way too lucky nice kills aswell! grtz Misan
  4. to me it appears that some people know what they are talking about and a mojority of them dont. i am sorry to say it this rude but it comes down to that. pures are fun to have if you like to train them, i see pures as a bigger challenge then training a mian because of the lack of defense and/or prayer. since the majority of pures are "n00bs,n33bz,noObs,narbs" (i put 4 synonyms so every pure owner under 12 years of age knows what im meaning) they dont understand the joy in having a pure : it is not the battles you win that make being pure so enjoyable it is the satisfaction that you have reached your goals wich were way easier to complete on your main. so therefore only the pures who create them because of the pking are the immature kids we all hate as much. i can also say some things about mains. a main is commonly the first account a player starts and decides to train every skill out of curiosity. if this player likes combat he can create a pure account. but mains who cant stand that a pure at their level can beat them in combat or hit way higher numbers are just as immature as the pures mentioned above. so basically we have some kind of racism as "no defense ad pray vs defense and pray" wich isnt fun for the gameplay therfore there is a simple solution: dont flame. a person owning a pure does not suck because you dont like him or his accounts. of course the same counts for pures, if your opponent has defense and you want to beat him then adapt to the fact that he has defence in stead of just enter"noob" or any synonym of that on your keyboard and just insult him because you are not any good for the acceptation of pures in the runescape-society.
  5. first of all i would like to say that this was a very pleasant article to read but for myself not everything you said was true. i must say i agree on the typing part but leetspeak isnt a problem because i use leetspeak myself some time i can type taht faster then normal english but since i know every button on my keyboard i can also type with decent grammar and vocabulary at a good speed. for math i must say that i always se a calculator to calculate the xp i need and what i have to do for it etc but i always try to estimate what i need to do and how much time i will need for it. doing this has also made it easy for me to estimate lengths etc in real life wich was quite difficult for me. there history part is just "excrement of a bull" because runescape is fake and has nothing to do with real life history. if this is true then you might aswell go to religion and talk about zamorak and saradomin. being a person who has difficulties to remember large lists of vocabulary i have had great support from my runescape knowledge when i had to learn about food and drinks because i already knew 90% of the words from runescape.
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