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  1. This new vine whip thing doesnt seem worth it for the price. ill wait till it comes down in price. would a fire cape be more usefull than a god cloask? ive tried at the caves twice and failed but ill do it eventually.
  2. Thank you i appreciate it. Should u pray piety for every task? It drains prayer fast.
  3. For android phones its easy http://www.overclockers.com/overclock-android-phone/ what phone do u have?
  4. i dont know what to spend my money on. Im eventually working my way to a chaotic.I train combat with slayer. What shouldI be doing?
  5. I lvoe my G9x. Got it for sale a while back for 50$. Its really good for my big hand.
  6. Oh [cabbage] u got the new monitor. Wow it looks so amazing. How is 3d?
  7. Corsair or Seasonic everytime. Would never consider another.
  8. 2600k has hyper threading which will come in extremely useful for ur needs. Its extremely easy to OC this bad boy to 4.8 with this heatsink. U got 16GB of ram there.CL6. Not sure if u will use it all but looks like you might come close. Its I picked the 800d because its a pig case for that e-atx mobo and u might want to go watercooled for the future. you still need monitor and mouse and such but u can pick that on ur own. this came out to like 1400 GBP.
  9. I seriously dont care about bots. They dont get in my way.
  10. Lvl 85 Hybrid Armor. I love high level updates.
  11. Wow ive been away for a long time from battling. Any major moves from ou to uu or vice versa. I mainly play uu.
  12. What PSU do you have and whats the max wattage? Need to know because it needs tobe enough for a new GPU. If its enough i would recommend a EVGA GTX 460 1GB the non SE version. Really good card and its cheap.
  13. I am currently building a comp with about 750$. I already have a monitor so im spending a lot on parts. This comp is going to be 20x better than any comp at best buy for the same price. I highly suggest you look into building your own because its so much more bang for your buck. Heck i can even recommend you all the parts for you within your budget. With a 1000$ you can make a hell of a good comp. Probally more than you need.
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