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  1. i made my first mill through making bowstrings this was a good year ago though. im proud 2 say ive made about 30mill through the misfortune of others. :mrgreen:
  2. im a jr. in highschool but theres no way ill still be playing this game in college. I really think only nerds are addicted to this game im even a Varsity 135lb. @ my highschool. but id be embaressed 2 be playing a game with all these young kids....and a younger ppl game.
  3. This is a funny idea but i definetly support. Im only 53 construction but i would definetly get it 2 60 4 this update....if it ever happend :roll:
  4. aww r u serious....my friend said he got from lvl 68 2 70 off of 1k of these using @ cw
  5. and also i dont have all the greegree's do use down there since u cant attatck ne thing as a regular monkey
  6. im just trying 2 get 2 70 range quickly
  7. i just bought 1k red chinchompas. Where should i use them?
  8. For example i only got mine 2 52 but it cost 3.2mill by itself think about getting 2 99.
  9. k alright but i just want 2 get the quest done
  10. Can a summer pie be used during legends quest to get 50 agility
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