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  1. nice guide.. i would try it.. but im only 66 range. .:)
  2. do i see stein there in the party? with the craft cape? nice guide! \ wish i had that patience.. :P i like your hat btw :) looks hawt
  3. hi all, at the chasm mine mining site map it says at the bank part, that duel arena is members, while its already f2p :D also, in both hobgoblin and skeleton mining map it says ''beware of pkers'' and ''its a populair pking spot'' pking is dead tho : mchainmail edit: I changed the title so the proper people can see it.
  4. Missed pic?? Ow noes, now I came to Legends for nothing!!! (with me great message and all 8-)) And yes, I finally discovered your blog. :oops: im sowwy thanks for coming tho
  5. gl on 75 wc!! :thumbsup: to bad u died :( ill wc together with u kay? :) oh wait.. already doing that :P well ill cya in-game nice bloggeh btw
  6. i doubt ur char being stuck.. what message do u get when u try logging in?
  7. get her to dress like autoer and wcin yews in f2p get her to wear her most expensive armour, than make her say ''dancing for money'' in f2p fala ;)
  8. Trek abroad -> Barker toad? also.. Honey and a couple of words later.. banshee can make honey bee from that? and if u take Bee away from Banshee, u keep ansh, wich makes Hans (from lumb) altho i doubt he has somethin to do with it
  9. in the to do list, at bottem u see this: if u wanna use, here is code: [url=http://imageshack.us][img=http://img141.imageshack.us/img141/5967/geckofn4.png][/url] --././-,-./-,-/--- :) <- i did '','' instead of ''.'' coz other wise -.- would pop up its morse code it makes: --. is G . is E -,-. is C -,- is K --- is O That makes Gecko :) credits to me please.. and wiki for translating it for me :)
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