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  1. I THINK he means zeal from SW, not sure though. In any case, are set gains such as xp lamps and zeals affected by BXPW? Oh well, don't think dragonseance has that many effigies/zeals or w/e anyway.
  2. Tezz has 200m Magic xp. What a lad.
  3. Jdelacroix just got 200m Smithing, and also used some effigies? I think he might powerslay now, not entirely sure tbh. What a tank.
  4. SikTh. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7BoKOscMrY It's prog, right? Well, judging by some of the other suggestions it is. Porcupine Tree are prog, not sure about the metal part. Symphony X are a must in the prog metal department, as well as Dream Theater obviously. Also check out Adagio, Andromeda and Planet X.
  5. WOW, that is some nice loot. You have a nice account.
  6. Tezz is really tearing through magic. Seems like only last week he got 200m hunter. O_o
  7. There's something about a number followed by nine zeroes that is ridiculously arousing. :shock: http://puu.sh/44ed That is absolutely hilarious lol. Also, Jdelacroix still powering through smithing and everything, but with a smidgen of Hunter... is that the next skill in his sights?
  8. Yeah, some guy messaged me ingame to tell me Season was female and I lol'ed. Also, any ideas what Jdelacroix will be doing in the big xp weekend?
  9. I agree, unless I go on Youtube specifically, if I open a guide in AoW with just a video, I immediately go back and look for another. It's a brilliant tool, but writing and images are needed as well I find. And this is coming from a guy who speaks English as his first language, lol. Guess I'm just lazy.
  10. I've gotta say, it's quite disappointing for me when I check this thread, and none of the replies since last time have much in the way of progress towards 200m. In any case, both sides have valid arguments - the only thing separating them is what JaGeX have actually got in place, which is an xp cap. Unfortunately, that's just how it is. Anyway, from the looks of things, Season is going for 200m Dungeoneering. Also, if he got one more skill over 50m I think he would be on langers list. I think he's a contender, he has 200m Farming, and even though there isn't much in the way of other slow skills, he has been playing constantly and he is also quite well balanced. An outside chance, perhaps. Furthermore, Jdelacroix is still making steady progress on 200m Smithing. Lastly, I wish Drumgun would get 120 Dungeoneering, I would love for him to just pop up on the Hiscores lol :P Oh yeah, and how could I forget? Enrix E B is sooooooo close to 200m Constitution! I know he's not a contender, but I've been watching him for so long it's nice that he's almost there. ^_^
  11. Season got 120 Dungeoneering and is now rank 15 ^_^
  12. Hey, I've been leurking in this topic for about a hundred pages. Anyways, Season is almost at 120 Dungeoneering - about 8m xp, so what, 4 or 5 days? In any case, I've always been a fan of this player because a) they have a cool name and b) they were awesome at farming. He/She should reclaim a top 21 spot in a few days. :>
  13. Hey. I got this. I also got 81 Agility a while back randomly. Now RC. I got members yesterday out of boredom (study leave sucks). Let's see how far I get. :) And PMG, YOU CAN SWEAR ON RUNESCAPE? NOOOOO
  14. You have one of the nicest banks I have ever seen, purely because you can't sell anything :P That must be so satisfying, knowing that you have done it all yourself, well done to you and good luck! :)
  15. In retrospect, you raise many fair points, however I think both sides of the argument are flawed. In terms of the arguments for loafing, there is nothing wrong with loafing if you are achieving what you want to achieve. I have no problem with the "selfish" aspect of it - you're playing for one express purposes, which you are achieving. For the arguments against, yes you can say he is hindering you're achievement. But to ask him to play for you though there is no incentive (he already has the rewards he wants) is wrong. Altruism is especially pointless in Runescape. If he's loafing in the game, chances are he could be doing something in real life like studying, which ultimately is of much more benefit than tickets that he doesn't want to spend. Probably. In conclusion, I don't think you can differentiate between those who have played 5000 games, and those who have simply been in 5000 games - the only way is by the number of tickets they have. And I would assume that if you had been loafing in 5000 games, you would have fewer, however I don't really know about that, you might get lucky. So maybe they could introduce some seriously expensive reawards? That is, rewards that might cost one or two thousand tickets? From the 50 or so CW games I played a while back, that sounds about the amount of tickets you would have at the end. (Yes, I had an awful W/L ratio.). In regards to my earlier post, I take it back - it's not semantics. You're doing what's asked. And there isn't really a foolproof way to implement an activity bar due to the way the game works. And that quote applies to both sides of the argument, though you could say it sounds more pious on the Against. But I wouldn't, because that doesn't mean anything.
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