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  1. You should be thankful you don't live in China. "Getting a job" is not an easy thing to do there. Shut the [bleep] up, seriously. Gold farmer sympathizers are just bleeding hearted fools who feel the need to fight for a cause or sympathize with another being in order to make themselves feel better. It is their own fault they are in a bad postion. Blaming everyone or everything else is just failure to take responsibility for their own actions. OT: Good job Jagex even though your ends may not justify your means. How is being born into poverty your own fault? Fook is absolutely right;people who believe their RS experience is more important than other people's welfare should probably reconsider their attitudes to life.Whether this particular gold-farmer is living in poverty is slightly beside the point,he's still working over 12 hours a day for under 50 cents an hour,which is 1/16 of what I earn an hour,and I'm a teenager on minimum wage in Britain.To the person who said he can afford his own computer and internet access,it sounds to me like he's in a sweat-shop if he's working 16 hours a day. And to all those of you who say that the bottom line is he's stealing,take a look around you;those nike trainers came from a sweat shop in india where the pay is well below the 1$ a day poverty line,and working conditions are so bad that death is not unheard of.That bowl of fresh fruit? The farmer in africa is ripped off by the big corporation he is forced to sell his produce to.In addition to the cripplingly low price they buy them off him for,they also "fine" him when they sell them at a loss.That mobile phone in your pocket? It contains a mineral called coaltan,which is found almost exclusively in Sierra Leone.The lucritivity of these coaltan mines has led to a warlord culture,where dozens die every day in the fight to control them.None of us living in the west can claim any moral high ground,we all support,directly or indirectly,the mistreatment and ripping off of people less fortunate than ourselves.I include myself in this. Selling virtual gold is nothing in comparison. Please note that I don't support RWT, I just can't believe the hypocracy that is on this forum.
  2. Did you just say what I think you said? Yes Lime, he sadly did imply, along with alot of other nitwits, that he would rather see some people die in real life (something some of you should learn more about before posting) , than see a multimillion company lose money. If I could swear here I'd give some ppl a piece of my mind. I'll tell some of you people something. If 1 chinese goldfarmer could give me substantial, real evidence, that he was dying in real life. I'd gladly risk losing my character and the hundreds , perhaps thousands of hours spent in the game, to buy $100 worth of stupid RS GOLD, and keep him alive. Why? Because I'm a human 1st, than a runescape player 2nd. Alot of you are obviously the other way around and its disgusting, absolutely disgusting. I myself disagree with RWT and using a game in a way its not meant to be. I also disagree with underage prostitution, but circumstances force people to do things they don't wish to. Sleeping with an old disgusting hairy man isn't exactly what people dream of doing for a living, but some are forced to. Don't fool yourself into thinking that these people take enjoyment out of playing a game they don't give a rats [wagon] about, for a "little westerner brat" who earns more in pocket money than they do in a month. Maybe if some of you left your protected bubbles in which you live, you'd think twice before coming across as heartless brats who think you know something about suffering and sacrifice. You can't weigh the human soul on a weigh scale, so stop trying. Jagex updating the game to combat RWT is nonetheless positive, as it will make the game better. The GAME. p.s. I hate coming across as some kind of preacher of morals and ethics. I just couldn't help it, after reading some of the reactions here. It disgusted me. +1,but i do agree with the person who suggested switching to Second Life.that would seem to be the most reasonable solution.
  3. sorry,I probably should have clarified that I meant the one after summoning. (realises what an idiot he looks :wall: )
  4. I know this is way too soon to be asking this,but does anyone know what the next skill to be released(the one after summoning :wink: ) is or might be? (hard facts would be ideal :D ,but feel free to speculate mindlessly as well :ohnoes: )
  5. I like that,but if you want to be really crazy then why not have the monster use its acid dripping maw to fuse several random weapons together,and this is what it wields.Godsword/Dragon Scimitar/Abyssal Whip anyone? You could average the stats of its component parts so that each combi-weapon is unique and this would be one of the drops.Depending on the combination it could be almost useless or a complete monster!! Is that just a little too crazy?
  6. It would just be in a room/cage/cavern on its own,but it would be sealed off so you couldn't just wander in.As it's a mini-game I think it would be like Jad where you're in your own personal version,of which there could be several running at any one time.When you die your items would be stored indefinately,not left lying around and you would have to defeat the monster to access them.And I think you would have to make it no retreating. Just out of interest can anyone estimate what the highest level it could plausibly be is?
  7. I just thought this was a rather cool idea..... The mini game is just one monster,but it's the strongest ever,higher than Jad.I don't know what the "limit" is for soloing,but with summoning it should be significantly higher than 702.Obviously the objective is to kill the monster,the twist is that this is NOT a safe mini-game."Aha",I hear you cry,"well who's going to want to play that?" Well,a lot of people actually,because the reward if you beat said monster is huge.We can assume that a majority of players would die,and all that they had on them would be forfeit and would become the reward for the next player to win.This could potentially be tens of sets of barrows,or similar.I don't know if a winner would get everything or as much as he/she could carry,perhaps it could be sent straight to your bank,or even put on the GE for you,similar to the proposed LootShare system. But I think that the potential gains would tempt a lot of people and you'd have to gear up properly to have a hope,so it should become a "self-feeding" cycle.Obviously to start off with there'd have to be a prize put there by jagex. Any thoughts? Is it a good idea or have I lost the plot? (I should point out that if it did ever happen it would be waaaaaay out of my league!)
  8. i,ve been playing on and off for about 2 years(mostly off,as i only have access to runescape when im at friends' houses,and i want to keep my friends ;). like many other ppl have said it was just as bad back then as it is now,but in my experience the worst abuse comes from those who are a higher level than me and think this gives them the right to be abusive and contemptful.im not even going to bother outlining the ridiculousness of this position :x also are ppl aware that runescape is available via MoFunZone as well?
  9. yeah,the wizard robes thing really doesn't make sense.im guessing that's a glitch they WILL change.
  10. people who are saying jagex will change it back,who do you think you are kidding?they knew this would be the reaction,so they're obviously prepared to stick it out.personally i like the update,although even tho i dont merchant i think the 3k thing is silly. ppl just have to accept that its here to stay,but there's no reason why it won't be refined so if you disagree then make positive criticism,then jagex might take what you have to say more seriously than if you just whine.
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