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  1. ok i had a look at the website i saw that pure essence was in the top 5 of most traded, then looked at its exchange history and the price seems to be going up, would it be wise to invest in this then sell it, lets say, a week or two later? (or as it just starts to decline in price after its peak) yeah the fire runes idea i got from it being one of the most traded items and it was at a fairly low price. :
  2. ok thanks i was wondering if the 25k limit is for one slot only? so if i have 6 slots then 6x25= 150k.. that would be slightly better The fire runes were just an example :
  3. I was looking through some of the merchanting guides, and the more i read, the more pointless it becomes. I read that you could only buy/sell 25k of runes at a time. So if I decided to buy 25k fire runes at 9gp and sell them off for 10 gp four hours later, i would only make 25k in that four hours, when i could make alot more just cutting willows! Is there a way around this or have i just been fed false information. Hapymo
  4. Its a shame because your are unable to fund your characters...
  5. i think that are just to show off really...
  6. Keep Censor but they should make it more complex...
  7. errr.. i dunno cooking is very easy to get up now even easier TY GRAND EXCHANGE
  8. What would be quite fun if they change the swear words for another word...e.g If some one says 'OH SH*T!' they should censor it by saying 'OH DARN!' or 'OH &@!$' to make it more interesting :D
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