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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. From my own experience they does not appear again. But I don't kill them, I just tank them as my defence level is allowing me to.
  3. It actually cost me 200m to 90, but I didn't bother about making it cheap, was really the fastest ways to get it. With Serum you can get 1-99 with about 70m:) GL
  4. It is only one problem here. I think that most of us, at this thread are kind of RS "veterans". We have high skills etc. Think of someone starting of with RS, it would take 2 much time and be 2 complicated to get better in the game. I think it would make less people enter the game. This is not a problem for me or you, but a problem for Jagex money. Therefore they've made the game fairly much more easy atm, coz of low lvl's and the "new" players complaining about how hard it is.
  5. Just to talk a little about skills like herbloring in this topic. If you've used a lot of time training a skill, maybe getting cash to level that skill. You should have earned the right to use it. I think that extremes should be aloud in the wildy. Besides, wasn't wildy about no rules at all? That was the main fun thing with the wildy before "no rules". A lot of things in RS are "OP"(overpowerd). But people that earned them, have the right to use them:) This was my opinion.
  6. That's common sense. It's implied that "best weapon" is actually "best weapon after DA BRONZE DAGGER" unless otherwise stated. :D Exactly:)
  7. There are stakes without special att involved you knowz :)
  8. Ofc the rapier is better. Look at the stats. But you know, 80+ dung for that...Ahh: My Dungeneering level is 41.
  9. But...Where do i find not a gardening trowel? :? Srry, haven't played for long time hehe..
  10. Gardening trowel? I don't think that works.
  11. Thank you for taking your time answering my question :thumbsup:
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