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  1. Well the higher range level you have, the more strenght and attack lvls you can then train without gaining a combat level. But right now, you should be able to train plenty of strength or attack levels.
  2. I'm pretty sure that you can connect them to make them span several floors, to prevent more staircase rooms needed. However I don't know how to do it, sorry, i'm only f2p.
  3. no nothing should happen to either one of you, if you guys were just discussing it in general. as long as either one of u said something ~bad~ or anything else like that, you shouldn't get into trouble, u weren't autoing after all.
  4. Ok thnx guys, and yes i'm an f2p. I'll remember that ammy and get a clan to go with.
  5. Whoops didn't see the player killing section of the forum, sorry, i should have put it there, but any advice would still be terrific!
  6. Well I'm a pretty bad pker myself, really bad at the art of pking. :oops: So I would like to know some mage pking tips. I already know its best on warriors with armour and things like that. I was just hoping somebody might be able to gimme a setup of armour to wear, equipment stats, what my inventory should look like or have, etc... Or just any good tips in general or any personal preferences would be nice to know. Thanks. :D I have 54 mage at the moment, getting ti to 59 so i can use fire blast. Thnx!
  7. Enter the dwarven mines by going down the ladder. You should continue south, and take the 2nd passage t hat goes east. Travel to the end of that passage and you will come to a strange door. There is a little "holder" or "container" on the front of the door. Use the 4 items on that holder. Thne the door will open. Go in and open the treasure chest to get the map piece and come back out thorought the door.
  8. Yeah sorry i meant i had the parts. thanks for the help guys.
  9. I like Zammy the most followed by Rune (g). The rune (g) has a great gold colored look, but zammy just seems more appealing to me, the red is great, u can get a full red outfit!
  10. I've recently made myself a few skull sceptres to teleport ot barbvillage in the future. I'm just a little confused on wat u cna do with it. Is invoke or divine the skull sceptre the one that teleports you? Thanks.
  11. Yeah i would choose the 1k each time as well you have a better chance of getting better prize with 1k. I hate those cabbages... Got them from this event 17 times in a row... So now i only take the 1k.
  12. I have 2 questions: 1. What is the difference between a log and a pyre log? (I'm f2p but still wanna know.) 2. I have 48 range and a maple shortbow and i use iron arrows. Where is the best location(s) for me to train range? Any suggestions of inventories to bring or anything? Thanks.
  13. I hear cooking is the easiest skill to train to high levels. I'm thinking about buying uc lobs and cooking and selling them cooked to gain some money and make a profit. NOTE: I am an f2p, not a member! I was just wondering, to keep from burning many lobsters, what level cooking should I be before I can cook lobsters without burning more than maybe 1 or 2 per inventory? And to get to that level, what are some godo methods of leveling up fast? Fishing and cooking? Buying fish and cooking it? Any suggestions woudl be nice , thanks. 8-)
  14. just asking, ist he stronghold of securtiy the only palce for f2p's to train on ankous? cucz i don't know any other locations
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