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  1. 99 runecrafting in a week or two?? You must have the skill mistaken with fletching.. unless there is some crazy uber hax way that you know how to that no one else does and no ZMI won't get you up to 99 in a week or two, not even if you were at 97... :-w :roll: -------- I don't know why people are saying farming is a hard one to get, it really takes nothing but logging in for 10 minutes every couple hours a day. It's like brushing your teeth or eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. Just one of those things you do everyday but don't spend hours doing. -------- Im not "bashing" on you personally Captain just saying. I would of made the farming comment whether you posted about it or not. its not hard to get, but is greatly respected for the time it consumes.
  2. hehe, scammers are now out of business i was scammed of my whip for the 4 dba thing.... i had no nats
  3. was it sworddude who commented on how con structive 123yourgone's posts are? if he wants to be cheap and shop for the best value items, whats it to you? almost reminds me of the 'm4tty' character flamed every single rant and if he couldnt fnd anything to flame, he'd make his own rant to flame others :wall:
  4. tbph, i even find a d scimmy better for attck training, and if you dont have the cash, and have to save up, whips arent worth it
  5. that will never ever happen, look at w2, ge, duel arena, id be very very surprised if jagex managed to mess them up even more. a 1 person per space game would mean the death of those three things that i mentioned, and many more
  6. i did birds in feldip hills till 43, i cut logs and made 54k or so arrow shafts =)
  7. Luckily i can do both :thumbsup: what? sleep and watch tv? :shock: i want to know how you do it!
  8. Witty, encouraging and thoughtful. Clearly you're a valuable member of this forum. <_< ohyeah i love that one ^.^ I don't know what we would do without him. :o
  9. Runecrafting is INCREDIBLY dull and time consuming. Trust me. I know. I have lvl 50 runecrafting. And the god sword hilts? They're 100 mil and up (sorry, don't know their current prices) because they're so common. And have you fought one of those bosses? I haven't. And stop bashing PK'ers, they are NOT as bad as people tend to suggest. if someone has 44 rc does that now mean they can make 35m+ a month? if so, then its still not bad, making 1m+ a day. slayer is also incredibly profitable, there are tons of ways besides merchanting and pvp. if thats all you wanted, why not play AQ? itll be less burden on jagex
  10. i killed one at cb89, i used all my food on it, but all i had equipped was drag scim and beserker
  11. i also encountered an orc one, and its def was amazing, at 74 str and 72 attack, i hit 2 17's and the rest was 10-15 i got 554 coins from it
  12. ghots ahoy i believe isnt needed, as i was able to get in from the charter ship without paying 2 ecto or whatever it is to get in
  13. 24!!! the orc one i encountered hit max of 16 on me, either its weaker, or my def rocks,.... tbh i dont think my def rocks
  14. renevants are various dufferent ghosts of monsters that float around the wildy. the combat lvls range from 20-105(what ive seen) and are agressive, they hit very hard and can tb and freeze you they dont drop much either, i got 400 coins from a lvl105 renevant
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