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  1. This is one of my pures, He does really well and I can't wait until i can use gravite. I've mostly quit though, If this new wildy thing comes back theres a good chance ill get gravite and be pking again. Hes 63 combat btw :D
  2. Rcing robe has a one better mage defence than leather. But good idea
  3. Yeah I accidentally got 61 when pking. Because i was only like 10k since I messed up and forgot about the waterfall quest. Even got it on vid.. lol I was thinking about getting 70/75 att but idk if i want all those combat levels. I am working on 90 range atm and I am planning on getting mage. once i get high enough mage to hybrid ill get 45 prayer.
  4. Just seeing what you guys think, and what I should do. I'm planning on getting 90 range and mage then getting them all to 99 from there. Btw thats not 99 str, I just went pking and didn't feel like waiting for it to go down.
  5. Are you serious? *twitch* You can keep your 2k gold lady, I want mah xp! can anybody else confirm this? I did this with the guy at Lumbridge in a PVP world and he said that he "didn't know what to do with them". I'm not sure if there's a difference between him and Mandrith though, but most likely there isn't. I tried both. Neither worked.
  6. Any one else laggy? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bU21iVFBDg
  7. shooting for 85 atm. but is kinda borring. never been members
  8. Got this on my pure Did the clue and then got this Its cool having an imp following around telling everyone you killed this thing lol
  9. Just got Firemaking brawlers on my pure. Are they for a set amount of xp? or do i need to burn magics to get the most xp out of them?
  10. I have a somewhat high level pure that I quit my main to play on. This game has sorta lost its pizaz for me and now one of the funnest things to do for me is to pk. OT. Sometimes when I log in and a main sees me they will go up to me and be like "rofl noob" and "stupid pure" things like that. I don't try to annoy people or anything the people that do this are just [developmentally delayed]s that have met a few stupid pures and think that all of them are like that. However there are some pures that are just total [wagon]es.
  11. Please tell me what you guys think! Was originally planning on making it in Sony Vegas, but for some reason it didn't work :thumbsup: ENJOY :thumbsup: [yt]Ej-0VttNh8U[/yt]
  12. Just finished My second PKing vid on my pure P_34_K, tell me what you guys think! Btw I was planning on making it with sony vegas, but it won't work for some reason, so I made it in wmm [yt]Ej-0VttNh8U[/yt]
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