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  1. The problem with them is they work. They make people spend money because it is something everyone wants. So it in turn means they need to bring out more of them. It is a vicious cycle...
  2. Add wool to the shop, I want to make an amulet!
  3. I'm amazed no one has posted this yet. They just made a post about Invention (formerly known as Inventor) [qfc]16-17-89-65592589[/qfc] The big news: It is not going to be a skill anymore, but an update to existing skills such as Smithing and Crafting to make items. Here are the goals with Invention: To see players using, wielding and wearing a greater variety of items To provide a greater variety of items, to allow for more strategy when choosing what to use Players should feel a greater bond between themselves and their items Players should be able to manufacture items for themselves Players should have a greater ability to personalise their appearance and itemsAlso it appears they just updated the Forums, unless I missed something.
  4. It would be good if we could at least see Ideas which meet the criteria on the front page... But I don't have high hopes, I'm sure it will be filled with Ninja Updates like always.
  5. Mod Kelpie: For March we will only be accepting large-sized ideas. Anything smaller won't be accepted this time around. Think Sinkholes, Broken Home Quest, Ports Expansions or Araxxor. Other than that anything goes. Supporting will be turned on at a later date once we are ready to launch the new search feature. Feel free to discuss this month's criteria in this thread. Such as ideas that get closed, etc. When discussing a particular idea, please give the ID number, taken from the end of the url, so it is easier for people to locate. [qfc]387-388-13-65582837[/qfc]
  6. I for one am super excited about the new Quest! I really love the idea of walking about this alternative Varrock and having to start over with building up money for these sub quests. It sounds like a ton of fun and will take me back to the good old days of yesteryear.
  7. Almost 3.5 years time. I might actually play for a little while tonight. Level 1 everything and no items to speak of.... this may take a while.
  8. 116 pieces of music! Whoa! Do you have a lot of quests left to complete? Here is how my list is looking, I'm getting pretty close. Other than I'm only 108 Dungeoneering.
  9. I like it. I specifically never wear my horns because I don't like the hair style you automatically get with it. But I'm also not saying I will ever wear them even if I can switch it :-D
  10. This might actually make these items, you know, usable when it goes live. I currently have T80 for Range but only 75 for Magic/Melee (although I'll be buying Drygores again after Christmas). I mean I've maxed all Melee related skills so it's not that big of a deal to me personally. However, this could potentially help out a lot of people that don't have enough tokens for Dungeoneering T80 weapons or the money for T90 but want something better than T70(5), like me. :D Also keep in mind at 99 Agility there is a 3% damage boost for these weapons as well.
  11. Updates to Attuned Weapons incoming! http://[Use Quick Find Code]/a=135/sl=0/[Please Use QuickFind Code]?15,16,476,65516013,goto,35#349
  12. You can fully level in about 45 minutes or less. I think the novelty lasts about that long :shades:
  13. Crystal Hatchets are 15% faster than Dragon/Adze. I'm just throwing it out there in case you didn't know. I'm not trying to tell you what to do.
  14. I finally Maxed! (5 days ago, forgot to post image) 99 in Agility, Woodcutting, Hunter, and Fishing all at the same time. Since Maxing, it is like a weight has been lifted. I really went heads down on maxing and while I was still having fun it was all I was focused on. At least now I can sit back and just enjoy everything (until I go for Comp ;) ) Also, here is the design I have gone with for my cape
  15. I don't think we should be worrying about the experience from holiday events. I wouldn't care if holiday event didn't give any experience. It might actually be better this way. The event is about people coming together in one place (maybe working together maybe not, we can argue this separately) and completing holiday themed tasks for holiday themed rewards. My thoughts on this years events: I have no complaints about the Tinsel Snakes personally, but I am one of the people who steals from others and holds by tree until I get 10 then turns in immediately as I know it causes less to spawn. (hate me if you want, it is the mechanic)The Christmas Cracker in the Crater was horrible. I did actually manager to pull it. Just happened to see a post about it being close and hoped on at work... But this should definitely been handled better. All they had to do was set the limit lower to have it happen a few times a day and then just set it so the rewards could only be received once a day. There problem solved! But instead they need to set some crazy high number of needed wrapping paper pieces. This is the exact same as the issue with the Guthix Shrine, come on please learn from previous mistakes. (anyways I'm repeating others at this point).I also have not done Snowverload, but I can see how it would be a problem. I have a few ideas on how it could have been done better, but I'm sure we all do, so I wont bore you with mine. Just remove the xp lamps and give us snowballs to throw at eachother, sounds more fun, and don't make it that we have to come back every day in order to receive maximum rewards, now it feels like I have to do work for an event which should be all about fun. I want those silly mini-quest back from way back... I really do miss the holiday mini quests.
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