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  1. 9 each ;) Anyway, overall, this looks like a great guide to me! ^^
  2. heh, that's awesome! My record is 2 dragon skirts (when they were still 700k :P) within 5 kills on an old main ^^ Even got 3 skirts that day, though the other one was like 5 hours later :)
  3. Rings of recoils, and lamps indeed ^^ Problem is, I hate mining with a passion, so little ores for smithing, I don't really like fishing, cooking is a skill which I only train when I have money left, which I almost never have, I am woodcutting for level 80, and firemaking is useless, but I'll eventually get it up :P I am actually more concerned about my runecrafting level :? *is trying to get all non-combat stats at 50+ and ranked :P* And swedishboy, is that an American or a European billion? :P
  4. Thanks! :) I did, a while ago, but I only posted in places that don't up my post count >.>
  5. thanks :) Trying to get 99 fletching, but I can't sell my bows anymore >.> Might go cut my own wood :P
  6. That are my stats, after beating a quite hard quest for skillers... :) Those 5k slayer xp got me 32-35 slayer :P Please rate away :)
  7. Runescape Username: Kiss And Lov Country: The Netherlands ^^
  8. wow! Good luck on the last few levels! :) I am sure you will get it soon :o go for it! ^_^
  9. hehe, thanks :) Did some impling hunting, got my first dragon impling (magic seed, used a hunter potion :) ) and some other loot, well over 250k if I manage to sell everything :P
  10. Well, actually mostly worked on two skills today :P Got 5 thieving levels in a row (up to level 41 now :) ) and 3 farming levels on one tree run (36 now :) ) Out of tree seeds now though... Well, I do have seeds... But miss the payments :P I'll have to gather some sweetcorn... And I am busy looking for a watermelon for a scarecrow now :P
  11. Thanks people :) Prayer actually is my second favourite skill :) And Sjakie, Prayer isn't going to be my first 99. I'll probably get both Fletching and Hunter before that. Hunter gets me a lot of the money for 99 prayer :) Fletching will be my first 99 :)
  12. My stats at the beginning of this blog: Well, actually, that was yesterday... One of my biggest achievements. Gained another prayer level and 2 farming levels... :) I have some goals. Due to school they will take a loooong time probably :P Fletching level 92/99 Hunter level 80/83 Hunter level 80/99 (double Hunter goal. Two big milestones. Want 83 hunter before 99 fletching :) ) Slayer level 26/30 And my biggest goal of all: Prayer level 71/99 And thus combat level 12/15 This doesn't mean that I will only do these skills. I play for fun, so I do what I feel like. :) FAQ: Q: Why don't you do combat? A: Simply because I don't like it :) Q: What's the point? A: Actually, I find it quite fun :) Q: How much cash did you spend on prayer already? A: Around 6m Q: How do you make money? A: A combination of skilling, merchanting and (very few) donations and stuff from drop parties when I am lucky. Q: Do you have a main? A: Yes and no. My main is 95 combat, but I never play on it anymore. I have never transferred any stuff from my old main to my new main. Q: When did you start this account? A: Recovery questions were set on 25 november 2006. I only regularly played on it for the last three months though. Q: How much cash do you have? A: This highly varies. My record is just over 6m, after which I spent 5m on prayer (level 60-71) and Herblore (level 37-51) Q: Can I buy your clothes? A: No, sorry. I have no clothes for sale. Q: Why are your mining, smithing and fishing level relatively low? A: Because I hate fishing, and dislike mining. Because I haven't gotten to buying ores yet, my smithing is low too as a result of my dislike of mining. Q: What is your favourite skill? A: Hunter. Q: What is the hardest quest you completed? A: Lost city. It took me 5 attempts, because of having to find out the right tactics :P Q: a/s/l? A: Sorry, but only the middle one is useful for you :) I am male. My name originally started as a joke. I just think that a female character fits with the name. You may also know that I am not a native English speaker, and that I am definitely over 13 :P Q: Are there any other prayer skillers? A: yes. I have made a prayer skillers Runehead list (Clicky). I'd appreciate it if anyone told me of about any names that need to be added :)
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