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  1. Found evidences of mechscape : Thomas Woode's has been hired by Jagex and he shares with us this information: "I have more recently moved to the role of Lead concepter for a exciting new MMORPG title currently in development ... Producing designs and plans for all in game vehicles (a few hundred"). There was also some art concept dont know if this belongs here but i gotted too put it somewere
  2. gratzz icookei!! ! \ aniwai...keep the good work =D> also churge of Zaros and ZDT ( Zaros destruction team ) is looking for menbers too look arroud runescape and descover stuff abaut Zaros post on rs forum thread "zaros , zarosian ect" :boohoo:
  3. gratz with the armor mega!!!! what happened at barrows? well karils with noo food left and noo prayer pots its dangerus :ohnoes:
  4. Gl with Cw armor ! and 84 defense! and...................... #-o u have time too craft them i died and lost all my runes now i'm selling stuff too try get them back :uhh:
  5. uptade bloog! :evil: :evil: i'm doing some barrows , i can join me any time for distract of defense lvling
  6. Thanks ^_^ im 1k ess away from 57 Runecrafting im not sure weather u can use normal ess on that alter or not o.O i think you cant :?
  7. take ur time too get it :anxious: Like the Tip.it said its not the 99 that metters , its the roud too get it :) did i wrote roud rong didnt i? :cry:
  8. Gratz on getting 4 lvls today cookei0 =D> =D> =D> i hope u raise rcing too 56 still today! if u get the runes :) raise also firemaking soo 2 lvls farming - 2 lvls rcing - 2 lvls firemking :lol: Thx again for helping me with the 3 legs , big thooth slayer probleme! 8-) too doo what ... glitch? :-k
  9. srry abaut getting magic insted of def. but its a LVL! :D Gratz on 71 magic and Keep The Good work ! ! ! :thumbsup: PC ! PC ! try doo slayer a bit or experiences well i'm off :XD: When u get 99 defense noone will hit u ! noone below lvl 40 cb of course :twisted: Keep the good work
  10. very impressive cooking and strengh! :shock: u got some veery good levels , but i think u should train slayer for abyssal deamons raise rcing at least 65 Again Very good stats! :thumbsup: My advice is if u want a visage, the best wai is buy it :wall: its a rare drop and only lucky peaple have it : gratz on wc , i cant train a loot of it i stay like this :-X Keep the good work and untill the end of the year end u will have 3 skill capes! i forgot something #-o , isnt importaant soo have a nice day 8-)
  11. nice one tommy :) good luck with ur goal , fishing cape FTW! 8-) Good luck and keep up the good work! :thumbsup: i normally fall asslep during fishing #-o
  12. I only got 3 things too say 1- Zaros isnt evil!the mod the creator of desert tresure quest said it "just because all ussume Zaros has evil god doesent mean is Evil" :shame: 2- Hanzell is going north TO TRAIN he might be with another Zammorak too TRAIN and might get attacked by Zaros fallowers - WHO ARE ALSO GOING NORTH Zaros is coming back :shock: and zammy followers BASHED :twisted: 3- Gunthix doesent know abaut Zaros! he went too sleep b4 Zaros appered and when he woke up Zaros was alredy banned , if Zaros teles b4 Gunthix appers only Zammorak will be eeer...banned? :uhh: 4- I have descover that mar... .something , are veery powerfull, too powerfull, demi-gods too bee exact - under Zaros leadership...destroy Gunthix???? :ohnoes: MY HEAD! :wall:
  13. Nice one mega , keep up the good work :thumbsup: U shouldent bee doing much PC :shame: its un-original If u still dont know :cry: Well keep up the good work!
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