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  1. evorr

    New Grunge

    needs a border, and a picture would look good cuz its too empty but personally i think that the colors are bad, but thats just me. pretty nice sig, 7/10
  2. people can not really tell how good it is until it is colored/shaded, cuz bad shading and coloring can ruin a very good pixel sig or improve a bad one. it all depends on what u think.
  3. its alright, but the text is very hard to read, and the bg is just way too simple, u can download some brushes off deviantart and brush ur bg maybe. :?
  4. jagex is caring too much about preventing people from getting scammed or hacked, they should acctually try to spend some time improving the actual game and stop people autoing there.... :roll: i dont see how players trading their rs money for non rs related stuff is any of jagex's business...
  5. well alot of great pixel sigs are done in paint. :roll: also i think paint is a great program for taking screenies cuz u dont have to load up a big program like photoshop just for a screenshot :D
  6. ifu mean pxel sigs they are all done in paint, not photoshop, abstract and grudge are done in photoshop
  7. make the text go across, maybe use a lcd font or something like arcade. then u can put an outer glow on it..
  8. black g is okay but u have no shading on it... change the pick the guy is holding to rune cause bronze makes that guy look like a noob too 6/10 u probably didnt reconize that its a red spider on the right there and colored it blue... but its suppose to be red or brown...
  9. go out and get a life..... you probably dont even know how to make a website layout at all.... its probably one of those default skins on invisionfree boards that you can choose from, and the pic is most likely searched from google. its alright to use them but dont come here and brag that you made it on your own.... :roll: EDIT: owned...
  10. lol the text if to prevent people stealing the sig... and no i didint steal the background from somewhere, made it all from photoshop... ill have an updated one with renders and my name...
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