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  1. u reckon? ill try n get rid of it once i get home n stuff thx for the tip though
  2. i would say green goes better with it however green or blue they r both really nice love ur work
  3. made a new sig, my other one got worse n worse the more i looked at it... wats everyone think of this one?
  4. woah looks great man only crit from me would be his hand, looks a bit weird
  5. really? u mean change font or text text... lol coz yeah i just put my name in... if its font then any recommendations? thanks
  6. hi, just made a new sig n wanted to no if its any good plz leave comments cheers
  7. mate thats awesome hey the petals look so realistic, keep up the good work
  8. woah~ that looks good, theres a lot of talented ppl in these forums hey maybe ill try something if i haf the patience
  9. Heya Nad, anyways looks like slyde won its dda's choice anyways wateva suits him best since hes the one paying
  10. good to c u too tttia anyways heres another shot tryin to get the style u like, gtg to work after this so wont be able to modify if u want, well hope u like
  11. hafnt been on these boards in a while but heres a try from me hope u like
  12. cheers jimmy, anyways heres a darker version incase u n gersh haf same taste
  13. ok heres another try, hope u like it more than my last
  14. yeah normally i put sample but ive sold a sig to this guy b4 and hes a man of his word
  15. ok here is my shot, bit different but i think it looks good, hope u think its good, anyways let me know wat u think cheers
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