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    lol take a guess, only get 3.
  1. Problem with the dust ring is there's no crust and large particulates being blasted. Could use differing colors for the collision. With a brighter color for the shockwave. I still think the angles on the right side differ from the left. Think the tectonic plate edges on the blue planet could be lil brighter with some way of showing distinction for the venting gases. Other than that I still give it a 8.5/10. Love the total rework of the planets/moon. Like the lava/gasy planet of the brown/red planet and the tectonic plates on the blue planet. Have 2 fully distinguished planets without needing the light from the collision. Like that the collision light matches on both sides, mostly. Def one of the best pic's posted here on tip.it that I've seen so far. Heartz
  2. Please remember my editpic is really ruff. 1. Green- I like the length of light. Too short and you won't be able to light the bigger planet like you've done. Any smaller and you just have a huge black planet. But with the length given to the left has to be given to the right. 2. Yellow (barely seeable in my pic, sry)- But as you can see where you have made it really bright on the left also needs the same area on the right (on the collision axis). 3. Cyan/Blue arrows- These crevices/spots are too prominent. The light should be overshadowing them, not them breaking through the bright light. 4. Red- Blue planet: Think these were made with the crevices in the editing process but don't really show any design use. Just look like spots. Red planet: these should be shaded/lighted like the mountain area shown in the red arrow. 4. Violet- Reflection, really shouldn't be used here. 5. Blue planet's satellite/moon- is in the foreground. But for some reason the light is able to reach its side but the blue planet is not fully engulfed with light. How is that possible? If the light reaches as it should to match the left then the blue planet should be 98% lit and the moon be 90% lit (360ÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâð 3-D). I might bring back the length of light a bit so that you wont have to light the foreground of the moon but instead show an eclipse type effect and so that you wont have to fully light the blue planet. 6. For some reason the light moves along 3 different axis's. The brown planet has light from a slightly tilted off horizontal and in the opposite direction of the collision axis, the blue planet along the collision axis, and the moon along some different axis of which i have no idea where from. Might wanna get them all straight. 7. I like the colors of everything, including the planets. The stars and gas looks fine. The text looks great. 8/10 Heartz
  3. I'd have to agree with this. The text really killed it for me. Plus it's just not too creative enough for me for a manip. It's nice that you chose Navy as an inspiration though. Navy has some really great talent in those hands. 4/10 Heartz
  4. 1. I actually like the sig one better. Just a lil too plain. 5/10 2. 8/10 Nice stripe additions 3. Really good render but the lighting is terrible. Good bg. 6/10 4. Empty space does not do it for me (white area). I know what your trying to show here but still. 6/10 5. Again nice render but bad lighting. Nice bg too. Blury. 7/10 6. Looks like a mix of styles and prob one of your first at trying something new. Not bad 5/10 Heartz
  5. I'd have to agree. same 6/10 Heartz
  6. 6/10 I like the lines in this one though :P Heartz
  7. 7/10 for both. Might make changes on the spot n the "A" Couple suggestions on text in pic's. Try to add one letter/number/character at a time or add the basic text either by whole words or by single letters and then edit pixel by pixel. 2nd might take a very long time to get just right. Heartz
  8. :( 8/10 for pixels Sorry this may seem overly critical but... The bushes on the stairway ended after 60% on the way to heaven, shading on the right side grass and water areas, shading on the upper half of the stairway, and the wave designs didn't turn out as good as they could have been. Branding looks lil funky too. But what makes me go gah gah is the vegetation on the first 20-30% of the stairway and the clouds/sky *:drools:* Very Nice, Heartz
  9. Looks alot better than the first. Better shading for one. Lot to go still. I wouldn't go with any landscape. Esp if its only a second. Maybe a dungeon or something with an easy bg. Fight Pits for an idea. The collision is gunna be the spotlight no the bg. GL, Heartz
  10. 1. When you first set up her account last year, did this happen or did it occur after a certain amount of time from first ever running the computer? 2. When you reinstalled the OS this time did you reinstall from the Cerified Windows XP OS disc or from a Backup/Recovery disk? Heartz
  11. Your sister prob downloaded a virus or a program that keeps it from creating more than one. Like "Mutex" or "ClickOnce". Or the registry has been tampered with. The "CoCreate" or "CoCreateInstance" namely. This is just off the top of my head and I really don't go searching or looking in depth for other ppl but you can google anything I've said here and find out. Can also go to http://support.microsoft.com/search/default.aspx and search for any problem and can also find or post questions below: Vista: http://windowshelp.microsoft.com/commun ... fault.mspx XP: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/expe ... eader.mspx
  12. Pretty nice. 6/10 You can resize the height down 5 px and have the data size shrunken then you can use it here. Heartz
  13. 1. I'm guna take a guess and say thats a bunny coming out of a burrow and not a dog doing his business. lol 2. I like the fence. Cliff, waves, sun, and the bouy look fine. *Remember this is constructive* 3. Think the shading could use one angle and not several. Also the ppl, rabbit, and bushes havnt been shaded. 4. Sky, for some reason it don't look right for the brighter to be at the horizon when the sun is 35% above it and the upper sky is darker where the sun is. 5. Maybe the portholes could show some metal stairs or something interior or stained glass. 6. Door handle. 7. Would use the vines from the right side on the left, and use the left on the right side. (Sunlight/brightness/shading/w.e) 8. Noticed how you gave the grass some life round the fence and was wondering if you could somehow do that to the rest w/o making it look funky. The lil waves from the ocean make it look better rather than just leaving it plain. 7/10 for a first Have fun, Heartz
  14. I would agree somewhat. I would keep this one as it is with any touch up's you made do it. Cause it looks fine to me. But I would just make another one with the thought of having seperate scenes/character/w.e on each slide. Heartz
  15. http://www.cprogramming.com/tutorial.html http://www.cs.wustl.edu/~schmidt/C++/ Would suggest though maybe buying or checking out from a Computer Science library "Effective C++, 50 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs" by Scott Meyers and publised by Addison-Wesley (1992). Edit, almost forgot bout "More Effective C++, 35 New Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs" same person same publisher (1996). The books are pretty old but it's a start from prob where you are and aren't really for beginners. Heartz
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