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  1. Hi guys, Thanks very much for your help :) I got a friend of mine to look at this forum and then let him have a play with it, and now it is working fine 8-) I have no idea what he did though :oops: Thanks very much again :-D
  2. Hi, I'm still having these troubles :blink: This is a message I am getting:- ========== Windows tried a repair but a problem still exists Cannot communicate with www.tip.it( Network diagnostics pinged the remote host but did not receive a response. Reset the network adapter "Local Area Connection" Resetting the adapter can sometimes resolve an intermittent problem. ========== Any ideas of what else I can try to get the site up again, please?
  3. Hi Tec, No, if it was only now and again I wouldn't have posted, but it's all the time :blink: I haven't been able to access the main site for ages now it seems :cry: It could possibly be my end, but not being particularly pc-literate, I wouldn't know where to start to try and diagnose the problem :oops: If you could get somebody to maybe come and shove me in the right direction, that would be great, thanks ;-)
  4. Try switching to chrome or firefox and see if that helps (it is quicker too). Hi, I've tried it with chrome and get the same thing as with IE, this is the message I get with IE:- Whoops! That didn't go well. Try giving it another chance here: And I get the same thing with chrome, but in dutch :- Oeps! Google Chrome kan geen verbinding maken met www.tip.it Probeer opnieuw te laden: www.­tip.­it Aanvullende suggesties: Een gecacht exemplaar van www.­tip.­it openen So, I'm a bit stuck now #-o
  5. Hi, I've been having a problem with the Tip.it website too I can log into the forums as you can see, but I cannot get the main website to work, for things like guides, calcs, items, etc. I'm using vista and IE, the latest version as far as I can remember, but can't remember the version number :oops: I've had this problem for over a week now, and it's a little annoying so any help you could offer would be appreciated :mrgreen:
  6. Hi, just like to thank you for the guide, I have just, in the last few hours got my first ever Fire Cape :shades: I would like to especially thank LaLa for the tip on the pray switching as that was the problem that I was having, I kept missing the Mage attack. I had tried 8 previous times this week and failed every time on Jad due to missing the Mage attack and the first time I tried it by keeping Mage Protect on at all times unless I saw Jad stomp before his Range attack, I completed it with ease :thumbup: So thanks very much for all the info you have posted in this guide and as I said, thanks to LaLa too for that crucial extra tip :thumbsup: Just in case any of you were interested, I'll list my stats and what equipment and invy I was using. 99 Attack 99 Strength 99 Defense 99 Constitution 99 Mage 99 Range 98 Prayer 96 Summoning (even though it's useless in the Fight Caves) And my equipment:- Neitiznot Helm Ancient Dhide Body Barrows Gloves Veracs Plateskirt Snakeskin Boots Explorers Ring 3 Blessed Spirit Shield Ava's Accumulator Rune Crossbow Broad Bolts (1000) Diamond (e) Bolts (200, just to be certain) This gave me these bonuses:- Attack Defence Stab 22 Stab 252 Slash 22 Slash 242 Crush 22 Crush 279 Magic -29 Magic 81 Range 142 Range 248 Other Strength 23 Prayer 16 Ranged Strength 100 (Broad Bolts) Ranged Strength 105 (Diamond (e) Bolts) And my Inventory:- Enhanced Excalibur (400 LP version) Diamond (e) Bolts (until Jad, then equipped these) Extreme Ranging Potion (4) x1 (used 2 doses) Prayer Potions (4) x10 (used 5) Rocktails x10 (used 3) Saradomin Brews (4) x3 (used 3 doses) Super Restore potion (4) x1 (used 1 dose) This week was my first serious go at getting a Fire Cape since I've been playing and I may well still be at it without the information contained within this guide, so thanks very much, once again ;) EDIT: I have now just read through the entire thread and have seen numerous comments regarding using both your eyes and your ears (for the Mage attack). Personally this doesn't really work for me as I sometimes have trouble distinguishing between different sounds. So, the tip from LaLa was my only real chance to get through the final fight, which I did with ease on my first attempt using the tip. The healers were not really a problem (luckily I have 99 Defense), so I just attacked them one at a time and then run around to the northern side of Italy, so they followed me and then went back to get the next one, and so on until I had all of the Healers on me and then finishing Jad off using the Mage Protect at all times apart from when he stamps worked perfectly for me. Once again, thanks to you both =D>
  7. Thanks for the reply :razz: I've often wondered why this wasn't implemented, but I do agree, there are rather a lot of weapons :roll:
  8. Hi, I was wondering how difficult it would be to add weapon speed (1-10 like on the official Jagex site) to the item database I think this would be a great addition and then everyone could get all the information they need about a certain weapon without having to go to more than 1 site Just a thought :thumbsup:
  9. hi, i would also like to be added rs name :- kutchek :D
  10. i doubt it will change much, it still took me 6-8 weeks to get from 94-99 fishing in shilo, so patience and not getting bored is a large part of getting the fish cape, not really having easy access to unlimited feathers
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