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  1. lol mck its not completely finished im pretty tired atm so havent go round to including full details of the killing area. i will probably finish this off tomorrow in much more detail gathered most of the images i need for it. u thinking of going here? if you are and you want to know now theres a large room with about 12 spawns in all together. id say this is the best spot and they are fairly close together. you can basically circle the room as they are usually around the edges
  2. Hmm thats an interesting thought and i agree if the person where to be tanking them they would need those stats but if they would be using guthans i think that only 90str would be needed, same with the bunyip but few who have a bunyip have low stats :P

  3. well... ive recently seen somebody else making a guide on this same topic but i feel his is mediocre and pointless considering he is writing it from a low levels point of view which will probably peak at 60k xp/hr. mine on the other hand allows you to reach 110k xp/hr for melees with piety and even higher with turmoil. Table of contents Overview Requirements Setup Getting there Where to kill them Loot Credits Overview Living Rock Striker Level: 140 Life points: 2750 Max hit: 140 (rarely hits if high enough defence) Members: Yes Aggressive: Yes Attack Style: Range+Melee This guide will consist mainly of killing these. The spot which I trained at meant I could solely rely on killing these rather than the Living Rock Protectors. These are by far the best xp in these caves as they are about 1k melee xp each. that means just over 3k of these for 96-99 in one of ur stats. There is also the level 120's here Living Rock Protecter Level: 120 Life points: 2000 Attack Type: Melee Aggressive: Yes Members: Yes The max hits of these is similar to the 140's but they are slightly lower lp meaning only 800 xp per kill in melees. This is still extremely high and if you feel the 140's hit a bit too frequently on you you can try killing some of these. Requirements When I first went here i was almost max melee. ince then i have achieved this on my main account so now the only time i really go here is for slayer on my second account. Attack: 85+ (90) Strength: 95+ (99) Defence: 85+ (90) Constitution: 90+ Prayer: 70+ (95) Summoning: 68+ (88) mining: 60+ (73) The only reason why these are such amazing xp is because of their low defence level, high hp level and the fact that you can use piety or turmoil on the effectively. Setup Below is the first inventory and armour setup. If you were assigned these as a task this would be the best gear to use for maximum xp/hr as well as cost effectiveness. Here is the second setup which i strongly advise using if not on task.
  4. your just going to end up ruining a good spot. the same thing that happened to az's.please change the guide or stop.. ur going to ruin it for the decent players and its gonna be packed with low lvled noobs in d meds and stuff..just wait kid.. if u make this guide the way it is now.. ull see in a few months all the kids in terrible gear with like 100 cmb killing them getting maybe 40k xp/hr..total waste...
  5. john..no offense ye but.. your requirements are too low.. its pointless people coming to these with those stats seeing as theyre just inefficient. you need higher levels to go here for better efficiency. otherwise people would be just as well off killing dagganoths or bandits or even pcing with the stats you are saying.
  6. LRC's r very low defence. it takes maybe 2 minutes of being there to realise that theyre low defence and you will hit them hard regardless of maxed gear and prayer. maybe paw if you actually knew a little about rs. you would know about things like this and learn not to troll
  7. omfg bro ur [email protected]@ havent seen you in so long :P add my new account btw gtfo merked. gnna be 99-99-78 with turm hopefully :)
  8. You wanna know something? You're pretty damn sexy.

  9. learn to make more posts!

  10. well im planning on getting maxed melee and my last 99 is defence so i have decided to slay it. this ill also gain me 85 slayer \ here is my normal setup for most tasks [hide=][/hide] i will also be including a log of all my tasks. tasks 1: 157 fire giants [hide=][/hide] 2: 77 black dragons. [hide=][/hide] 3:189 waterfiends [hide=][/hide] 4: 50 suqah [hide=][/hide]
  11. they dont always get banned i know some.. *cough*hexy0*cough* hu botted 99 hunter using the same bot you are talknig about. its more soffisticated than u can think.. he payed for it tho
  12. it was kinda rubbish tbh was barely a win some of us r still out their being bsed...
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