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  1. Oh my god that dog is awesome <33 Like others said, sorry about your dad :( It must be hard living without one...
  2. BUMP!!! Cant believe the agility upates, this totally inspired me to get back on evening and start agilitizing again!!! :D
  3. Aw darnit, I have baseball tryouts tommorow! :( But nice achievement, this is your first combat 99? Grats :thumbsup:
  4. Thanks everyone! Ive been really sick with strep throat so I havent updated this much recently. XD But Im getting better...
  5. 85, my dream is slowly becoming true: [hide=Large][/hide] Omg im soooo mad about this. 85 was a big milestone for me and I wanted to celebrate by getting the level at a party, so I was planning and watching my exp count, then started to invite some friends and thinking about the party made me forget about my exp!!!! So I accidentally leveled. :( :( :( :( I knew the previous lap that I had to go because after that lap I wouldve had like 50 exp left, but I completely forgot by the time I finished the lap and went and started a new lap, then I remembered when I was on the log with 9 exp left. I could only watch in horror as I got 85 agility. What a bad memory to have of this milestone. :(
  6. Grats on 71 Hunter! Good luck with the levels, hopefully you'll make progress before school ;)
  7. Ftw?? Hawt pic heh \ Sony ericsson? Tis my phone too! (mines green :))
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