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  1. I was thinking woodcutting ivies would mean no money loss but it does seem a bit boring.
  2. I'm a level 86 main with 83 range, 85 magic, 82 woodcutting, 91 fletching, 80 hunter. I'd like a 99 stat but I don't know what to train. I don't have too much time to train and I'm worth around 30 million. What would be the fastest and least cost consuming 99 possible? Thanks for help.
  3. I was leaning towards that. Any other suggestions?
  4. I'm stuck on this. I want 94 or 99 magic from 73 magic and I've seen so many good ways, but they have so many great disadvantages. I don't know how to train magic since I also want the cash to train to 99 range too, and I'm not the richest person.. Alching - I have 85 fletching, so I can fletch yew longs. The problem is, Yews cost 370-390 gp. Nats cost 300 gp. Bowstrings cost 180 gp. So I lose a lot if I buy all those, up to 100 gp, and even if I buy flax and craft it I still lose like 20 coins. I'm stuck, but I heard it's pretty good. I have 80 wc, but it takes so long to cut yews.. And it'd take a year to get 99 mage or something. Pros - 2 99 stats (Magic, Fletching) Cons - I lose a lot. Takes a long time. Diamond bolts (e) - http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=705559 Pros - 3 99 stats possible. (Fletching, Magic, Crafting) Profit of 111m. (I calculated) I get enough cash for 30k red chinchompas (more than enough). Cons - Very hard to sell. Takes a long time. Ancients - My friend got 9 magic levels (from 90 to 99) thanks to Blood Barraging in 5 days! That's great, but you lose cash like a maniac (it cost him 90m). Pros - Very fast Great amount of hitpoint exp. Cons - Incredibly expensive No other 99 stats I'm stuck. I really need help on this. I'd really appreciate it.
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