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  1. I want to start pking in the wilderness. I'd become a staker, but I'm scared of getting addicted and being a victim of glitches there, so.. Currently I'm going for 90 range and 94 magic. My bank is worth around 30m. 1) How should I train my stats? Should I train prayer or summoning? My summoning is 6 right now.. 2) How do you lose untradeable items in the wilderness? I have full void and fire cape, would it be too risky to pk with them? 3) Should I use a dark bow as a KO weapon? 4) Karil's or rune c'bow for general use? 5) Ice Barrage or Vengeance?
  2. Get 85 dungeoneering and go for frost dragons.
  3. You also save a lot of time... If he thinks he can make money easily, then it's fine if he goes with amulets.
  4. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/String_jewellery You lose a lot of money, and I always say time is money, so..
  5. Well, I think you should go for alching. It's semi afkable (you can read a book, watch a movie or whatever) without paying much attention, simply click once every couple seconds. You don't lose much money either as long as you pick something good to alch. It's around 78k exp per hour if you do it consistently.
  6. I cannot say whether this is legit or not, but it's completely harsh and unwarranted to call the op as bad as scammers. Scammers deserve it, it's that simple. Do you see him scamming innocent people?
  7. Morrigan's javelin's are expensive though, so I guess I'll use rune c'bow with ruby bolts or something and switch to dragonstone for the ko? Equipment: Mystic hat Amulet of glory Ruby bolts (e) Zamorak cape Mystic top Black d'hide legs Barrows gloves Mystic boots Ring of life? Not sure Carrying range pot, black d'hide body, prayer pot, dragonstone bolts rocktails.
  8. I'm rich enough to risk Karil's, but it seems hard to get a ko with it. Would it be smart to switch to rune c'bow for the ko? Won't they eat when they notice it?
  9. I can't decide between Karil's and rune. Karil's is like twice as fast but Rune is significantly stronger.. hmm.
  10. I want to hybrid but then I'd have to wear Ahrim's.. pretty risky.
  11. As long as you didn't open the exe file, I'm sure it will be fine. Scan to be safe, though.
  12. Yes of course, my magic is even higher than my range. Are pures really that dangerous that I can't take them on? Dragonstone bolts would do fine I think for them, unless they had dclaws or something.
  13. I have a few questions.. 1. Should I use Karil's cbow while pking or Rune cbow with enchanted bolts? 2. Should I use vengeance or Ice Barrage (when I get 94 magic)? 3. What gear should I wear? I have full Ahrim's but that might be too expensive to pk with. 4. How can I deal with pures who have d claws and stuff? That's all I can think of for now.
  14. I suggest broad tipped bolts when you get 55 slayer. Hits as hard as adamant bolts but cheaper.
  15. Are magic spells more accurate depending on your level? For example, is a Blood Blitz at 91 magic more accurate than a Blood Blitz at 80?
  16. I have the Staff of Light, but I'm not sure if I can be bothered getting 70 dungeoneering, I guess I really should though. How long would it take?
  17. I have a few questions. 1. What levels should I get my stats to? I'd like to keep my defence, prayer and summoning where they are. 2. Will Blood Barrage be more useful than Ice Barrage for staking? 4. What gear should I wear for staking in general?
  18. Should I buy sharks now, before free trade comes back? I have 8.5m left because I bought 23k swordfish, so..
  19. I was thinking of cooking sharks to save time from 90 to 95, but I wouldn't burn any monkfish.. Do you burn a significant amount of sharks at level 90 cooking and cooking gauntlets?
  20. Just got 54-60 mining from mining Granite. Much better than iron. Thanks very much.
  21. The entire reason I'm getting 60 mining is for Lunar magic in the first place. I hear there's a fountain nearby for people who finished Enakhra's Lament, so..
  22. I don't care about money. I hate mining and I just want to end the torture as soon as possible. Any suggestions?
  23. 60 prayer isn't low at all. With only an unholy amulet, Helm of Neitiznot and prayer book, I can get to Jad with 4 super restores left out of 17 easily, and I only have 52 prayer. I think you'll do fine, especially because your range is 7 levels higher than mine.
  24. I have 55 slayer and I don't really want to train slayer (unless it's a really quick way to get 75 attack) and I can afford Guthan's and all sorts of armor. I have 65 strength and 75 defence. I was thinking of afking at Bandits, but I'd like to make a profit. Maybe fire giants and ankous with Guthan's? Any other good places where I can train?
  25. I want to stake in Duel Arena when it comes back, so.. I think my combat would matter in that case.
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