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  1. Best way to get deflector is.. by playing Conquest. Maybe get a friend who'll lose on purpose for you.
  2. I can't stand dungeoneering. I want 70 for arcane stream necklace but it literally bores me to death. How can I make it fun and fast? I'm only level 6.
  3. If you want to make more money, you can always kill green or blue dragons or even aviansies. I'd suggest it since you're so poor.
  4. 70 prayer? I thought I said I don't melee at all? And I don't really want to increase my combat too much.
  5. I merchanted fury for 500k profit and got Karil's top from Barrows so now I have like 25.3m.
  6. I've been interested in goiing Kree'arra hunting for a long time but I figured that since I have to get 40 Armadyl kills each trip I wouldn't have enough food left for Kree'arra (only 6 summoning). Would I have to go with a group? I don't know anyone who would be willing to come with me. Is there a world I go to and ask to join people? Thanks for helping.
  7. I don't pray against Torag, Guthan and Ahrim (Verac does damage with prayer anyway), and I usually take a lot of damage from monsters, so it'll definitely help.
  8. I'm gonna go Barrows with my Fury in a bit and see how it helps.
  9. Does someone have like formulae or anything to help understand how much the +12 bonus matters?
  10. I said I have 20m of cash.. I have full Ahrim's, staff of light, book of balance, dark bow, cannon, crystal bow blah blah blah and stuff too. So I'm not broke. I'm just wondering if +12 is really that big of a differrence. The attack bonuses are the same as a Glory, so you kill things at the same speed unless I'm missing something.
  11. I just got a fury for 15.4m. Is it likely to go up in price?
  12. Are fury's going up in price? Will they? Depending on that, I'll be more willing to buy one.
  13. I don't melee at all anymore, so the str bonus doesn't matter. If fury's are going up in price, I can buy one and profit later. I usually don't use safe spots.
  14. I have around 20m. I was wondering if it'd really help with my daily activites of Barrows, Slayer (with range) and range training to buy the following items: 1) Amulet of fury: is it really that good? Glory has teleports.. 2) Amulet of ranging: +5 range attack bonus over Glory. 3) Archers' ring: Is +4 really that much? 4) Seers' ring: Same thing as above. 5) Infinity boots: 1m for a 2 more magic attack and defence bonus? Thank you for your help.
  15. Is there anywhere relatively empty I can use to train range during the weekend? I tried Ape Atoll but it's full as hell, filled with immature people who insult you for no reason, and Soul Wars lags ridiculously.
  16. They're not, but it's riskier, and you won't be very happy when you die in the final few waves because you don't have enough sharks. Also, sara brews allow you to go over max hp, which is very useful for Jad in case he hits really hard.
  17. Are you guys serious? Why should he spend so much time on training fishing when he can get to Jad easily without the enhanced excalibur? I had 71 defence and I brought 9 brews which was more than enough for me.
  18. Your gear is fine. Get around 6-9 saradomin brews, 2 range pots and 17 super restores, all 4 dose. Bring like 50 or 100 diamond bolts (e). I easily got the fire cape on a level 90 combat with even worse gear than yours with the above inventory.
  19. It'd be a bother to run to bank and back, but it's still a good idea. I might go for it - with a cannon. Any other suggestions?
  20. I have 87 range and I'm going for 90. I usually did slayer, but I get too many crappy tasks and I'd like to make a profit. I also have full void knight. I usually kill blue dragons for a profit, but I hate how they're always taken. I don't mind using a cannon as long as I can profit. Any suggestions?
  21. Wow, really? I just played around, and Dark Bow + Vengeance is just ridiculous.
  22. 1. Should I use Vengeance or Ice / Blood Barrage for staking? 2. Should I be naked before staking, and wear my equipment during the countdown? Is it worth it? 3. Is it a good idea to switch to rune cbow / karil cbow from Dark Bow? 4. Should I use rune cbow or karil's? Thanks for the help.
  23. Remember that the spear gives shared exp on all attack styles, so you don't do something you regret.
  24. If it rebounds just the next hit of the opponent after you cast it, then how can it be so useful? I mean, you can't know how hard the opponent is going to hit. How can I use it in pking? Just use it every 30 seconds and hope the opponent hits hard?
  25. I don't think he can melee Jad very well without Vengeance.
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