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  1. So your saying in the equipment section that if i own a granite body and dragon legs which i use for low lvl slayer tasks, i should sell them? I have torags and karils which i use for harder tasks, but should i hand on to non-degrading armour for easy monsters?
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    FoG being the first F2P minigame (correct me if i'm wrong, mite have been bh or cw not sure) was great at first with new and exciting equipment for everyone (especially F2P coz all we got is junk really) and hense i spent maybe 1 1/2 weeks just on FoG and have just under 5000 rating atm. just as others have said combat really doesnt mater that much, its all about strategy. I am a runner n00b, for those concerned and those who complain about prayer ppl and running ppl can go stand in the middle of bh and complain because we dont care, your just disadvantaging yourselves by not doing it. P.S. i like ppl training their mage on me, i get like 3k charges and lots of rating and tokens \
  3. nope i learnt the hard way lost str(t) over rune arm :x meh... just dont go out of the room when ur training lolz.
  4. At your level i'd say hillies, you can get prayer xp or cash (i suggest prayer). :thumbsup: I also strongly suggest that you use some strength potions while training, maybe not at your level but as you progress. collect limps from hillies then go and get red spider eggs in sewers and take to apothercary to make str pots (need 5gp too). U'll fly through the levels with str pots trust me.
  5. i tried training at greaters and ice giants (where i USED to train) and revs come out of nowhere and OWN! Orks (most common rev i run into) can hit multi high 20's and freeze you :cry: and even low level revs hit unexpectedly high, so imo its not worth going past level 20 wildy for training anymore :|
  6. hey i was reading all ur complaints and u all talk about having "7.7 balck marks" and "6.2 black marks" etc. just wondering how u found out exactly how many black marks u have and how many can u have b4 ur banned or muted etc.?
  7. hey i cut yews for money in f2p and i cut down in rimmington where there are 4 yews together. I cut about 200 yews an hour there if im concentrating by teleporting back to fally and running. 200 yews sell in grand xchange for about 80-90k so bout 420 - 450 each
  8. i've been to bounty hunter a few times with two accounts, one of which i havnt used since. i went in with my lvl 55 rune pure thinking "i'm gonna own these noobs" coz i culd only fite ppl my lvl or lower and this account was made for pking. But what do you know, first kill i lvled up n became lvl 56. no more lower cave....lame i did get a rune scimmy tho. havn't been on this since coz theres no point now. i mite use it again if jagex update the new pking arena to different volcanoes or somthing. i tried on my main which is an average lvl 77 in the med cave n found a team. i got a few kills , one with full rune. i picked up all the gear but my team turned on me n killed for my loot. so since i havn't been back but working on cb lol, it needs to be better
  9. You aren't supposed to do that since it is against the runescape rules. Different accounts from one player are not allow to interact in any way.! yeah i know thats the rules and i dont actually interact with my different accounts but even giviong gifts to friends or helping people out is now impossible. It doesn't matter anyhow i've ditched my pking accounts except for my ranger who is still eligible for low lvl cave. soz about the stupid post lols. :anxious:
  10. i was at b hunter n was getting bored so wen revanant hunting with mates n we were at greaters when lvl 106 ork n lvl 126 knight jumped us we all bailed (4 of us) n the knight was hitting consistently over 30 with max of... 35 i think n the ork was hitting constant over 22's with max of 27 so we all nearly died coz they freeze u then dominate u lols. we managed to kill 2 warewolfes previous but no good drops.
  11. i hit 15 with rune scimmy no pray or pots etc. n hit 23 with rune 2h with str pot, ultimate n str ammy str 67 {f2p 4 lyfe}
  12. worst scam i ever fell for was ages ago... but some lvl 3 offered me 1 mil for addy (g) n i wasn't concentarting so i went to get helm from bank n traded but he put 1004 gp in stead of 1004k n i didnt check 2nd trade screen coz i was excited that this noob was sooooo dumb but lost addy (g) no biggy
  13. hey this is my first post on this account. just wanna say that ive been playing runescape for several yrs and i have about 6 accounts with one main which i use all on f2p. i made a rune pure pker to pk bfore the updates which i started bout 4 weeks ago, it was at lvl 55 wen this update came along n i went in the low lvl cave n lvled up first kill so i have to go in med cave with lvl 85 n 90's who all just kill me. i cant vs ppl my own lvl anymore coz theres no limits on who kills who, if they r going to keep the pk lovers like myself playing, maybe more volcanoes with diff lvl limits shuld be made to keep it interesting. n how are mains supposed to give other accts any stuff wen its limited to 3k n staking sucks as well with the new limits. ill probs ditch pking for good in next few weeks unless these new changes to the game are tweaked to suit every1. my mains still good for skilling so i wont quit for good over these updates, even tho it makes things harder
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