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  1. i find it funny when people critique other people style of playing xD i could easily critiquize when someone tells to camp cave crawler for 200m slayer/agil/rc, and probably some more, it must be awesome being in the same cave for that long. but for ones that suits, for others other things, no need to critiquize both
  2. if there was no xp cap, overall xp race would be way worse, as it would be like cooking vs cooking all day long, or wathever skill with no xp cap, people like suomi couldnt make a goal to 'beat' the game, at least xp-wise i understand what you say about rank 1, but i really think is better this way, and go for overall rank 1, its still open to compete ;)
  3. of course the best inst' all of them, that being said you just saying every herb is equally good... wich isnt farm torstols
  4. yeah all so good, but since they are indepedent events, not getting the drop will not make you have more chance on next one... it will be the same it's like an dice, i want to get a 6, if i throw one time and get a 2, that won't make me have more chance to get an 6.... it will stay the same
  5. this is so wrong!!! 1/5 doesnt mean, 5th kill is drop, means that in 5 kills one of them is drop, but we can arrange that in different ways and still be 1/5 D = Drop N = No drop DNNNN NDNNN NNDNN NNNDN NNNND and you can mix up them, to an event of 5k times, to have k D, but not necesseraly they need to be spaced up with 4 N's you could have all D's first then the rest N's, and so on..
  6. ho3f3l


    oh, sorry, didnt slay for some time, actually its one and a half :S your right xD
  7. ho3f3l


    well, i can do a kuradal task banking ashes with yak with only 1 yak. so more then 100kph
  8. yet, telmo was first to 120
  9. honestly all pro defenders i've seen on world 6, are sub 100 or 110, usually look for people with full penance to do your team, on most cases they are good to go, ignore they combat lvls ;) only for atker, try to pick up some random 138 saying he wants to be an atker, its an easy role after all
  10. it says they should HUNT dinos, and yes, it's a good thing if you can do with minimal time loss, cous the armour will speed up the rest of dungeon
  11. yes of course ;) just so the op do the math of how many things he need
  12. actually 8 slots for duel rings and games neck, 5 slots for glorys, now that ring of wealth has teles to same thing, more items like this you can get pots as being said, could make 1 item of each from bronze till steel. get all your costume rewards from easter and such. costume from randoms.
  13. when you duo, the partner, waits on other room that has fish spot so you just tele to him, or just finish dungeon normally?
  14. and will he gain enough effigy from 99 slayer for 99 rc starting at 85? or less..
  15. but since your going to get more than just 23 effigy, start doing at 90+, after 91, start assisting for 30k daily to
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