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  1. Nothing overly impressive about a 1/35 drop rate for one task. But none the less I'll give it a 6/10
  2. I said it in my post before (which has the best posible setup, so read it) that if your not using range pots 100% of the time your should be. A trip with 6 bunyips and about 8-10 range pots will last about 5 hours and it takes take 10 minutes to bank. Completely worth it for what range pots do. And to comment on your setup that you posted: It is completely worth it to switch the helm for a barrows one and use a armadyl plate and zammy chaps. Even if it means using a lesser shield than a dfs. When range tanking the first thing you use for defence is a melee helm, then you use a melee shield, the last thing you use for defence is melee legs. This proves true more than 95% of the time. It's my opinion that void is useless at avainsies, I think it's so pathetic that I've never even tried it. You can test it yourself and watch it fail.
  3. body: aradyl plate legs: zammy chaps neck: furry cape: accumulator boots: ranger gloves: barrows shield: dfs helm: torag wepon: rune c' bow ring: archer bolts: broad 171 range attack bonus. 253 range defnece bonus. I win, mkay? Don't do btp tabs, just take 6 bunyip with one super restore. take like 8 range pots, bank when you run out of range pots or else you won't be getting the best money or xp. If you find that this is beyond you defence needs there are 2 options, both being almost equal. 1) Replace the Dfs with a zammy book and the zammy chaps with an armadyl skirt. range attack bonus: 187 range defence bonus: 183 2) Replace the Torag helm with an armadyl one. range attack bonus: 183 range defence bonus: 199
  4. I have not observed that inreased level increases yeild. But I did notice that diferent herbs give diferent maximum yeilds. When I farmed rannars I never got more than 10, but when I switched to snaps I never got more than 13.
  5. Well look like your blog need some \ First post \ Good luck, mining is always a hawt skill. My advice: Find a skill goal bar that uses xp instead of level for percent, it's more representative.
  6. So the player themself admiting it isn't good enough?
  7. Hi all. This is rant to let out some anger at one of my old friends, and at the way offences in runescape are handled. To start it off I will not be naming any of my friends acounts. I meet my friend in question around when clan chat came out, I was introduced to him trough my clan chat channel. We became freinds because of our similarities at the time, he and I both enjoyed pking and neither of us were members at the time (although he had been one before). I got to know him a a bit and he introduced me to his pure account. I didn't have anything agaisnt pures, I just think they're a bit of a waste. He continued playing and was active in our clan for a couple months. But after that he began to grow out of the game and just stoppepd playing all together. Only logging on sparaticly to say high and test any new content. While he was no longer active I got my membership for the first time. A little more than a month ago he started playing again, his parrents had alowed him membership as well. I supprised him by telling him that I was now a member too. He thought that was great and we had a small reunion and went pking together in the new pvp worlds. I was not as good as I was before but we had fun. We talked over pm for a while after. He told me that one of his friends was going to quit runescape soon because he didn't like were the game was going. He also told me that his friend wanted to give him their acount. Now I'm not exactly a stickler for rules, having broken some myself. He talked with me about it a lot, weather or not he should trust his friend. It was a slight nuisance because he just couldn't make up his mind. All the while I was thinking "Just take the god damn acount and get it over with, what does it matter if he lied to you, it wasn't your to begin with!" In the end he took it and left his old one. He thought it would be fun to going pking with me, being that his new acount was close to my combat level. We spent the day pking. He showed off all his new stats to me. He talked a lot about the ones that he friend had spent a lot of time on, his runecrafting and herblore levels. Of course it pissed me off. Most friends try not to rub it in your face if they're better than you. But this... he only had 3 levels higher than me and he couldn't get off of it, they weren't even his stats (although he actted like they were!) He and I had been good friends for a while so I made light of it and laghed it off, we both sucked at pking now anyway. He hadn't come back to our clan when he rejoined so I only talked to him on Pm. He supprised me when he logged into his pure acount (which I still had added even though it had been off for over 6 months.) I asked him why he was on this one now, he told me that he wanted to start pking on a pure again. It was odd because he hadn't mentioned it when we pked together before. So whatever, that was his business, I still thought that a pure or second acount was a waste of time. The next day he loged on for only about 10 minutes and he started talking with me about his pure acount. The dialog that follows is pretty rough and not our exact words (infact I have only a idea of what we said), and it's pretty much the entire point I'm getting at. Him: "I'm gona get rid of my pure" Me: "How so?" Him: "I was gona sell it" Me: "Why? And how do you plan on doing that" Him: "I was hopping that if I sold it I could get enough money to buy a better one" Him: "I'm getting a moderator to help me" Me: " Ummm... you think a moderator is going to help you sell your acount?" Him: "Yea. From this website, he's checking my acount now before he puts it up" Him: "I might just keep the money I get from it too. lol Me: "Mkay, uh... I'm gona report you now and ignore all your acounts" Okay, I reported him right away. I WAS FREAKING PISSED!!! Okay, first you take your friends account and then you rub it in my face for a week how great "your" new stats are. Then you make a dip[cabbage] move and try to sell your acount! You couldn't even do it right. He went to an acount trading site, what the hell?! Is there anything at all inbetween your ears? At that point, more than anything else at all, I wanted him IP banned. I could care less about how mean it might have been for me to report one of my best friends, I just wantted me and this game to get rid of him forever. About a month latter I can still look at his stats in the high scores. Tell me jagex, how do you not ban somebody like that? How can you posibly not have enough evidence? Or how could anyone ever get an apeall for something like this?
  8. Yea, thats why your's is worse. You really can't expect anything from clue you get from H.A.M. members.
  9. we have a winner \ My first clue as a member was a level 1 clue. I got 2 diferent colors of fire lighters, 8 or 9 firelighters total. I never took a picture of it.
  10. As always with smithing it depends on the cost. I find that superheating mith bars general has a neutral financial cost. Depending on how good at clicking you are, 1k bars per hour is typical. That yeilds 30k smithing xp and 53k mage xp per hour.
  11. Completely Jelous? Nice job. For your set up you should buy aramdyl platelegs or chest and just wear the fury all the time. 8/10
  12. The level insn't too special but with being 9999th is ftw. ;) Very special acheivement. 8/10
  13. It's the cape thats doing that I think. But don't worry there are tons of very minor graphical glitches throughout runescape. It's nothing big really, you should report it if you feel like it.
  14. I belive there is a feature that if you talk to him he will do it for a few gp. If you sold it then bought it back you would lose a lot of money.
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