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  1. I could never be your enemy, Goon. <3
  2. 2012 is so totally going to happen!
  3. H2PM


    I've streamed STALKER, another horror game, for a few bros down in Forum Games. Needless to say I screamed like a girl many times. I'd love to see a TIF'er stream Amnesia.
  4. As Pie pointed out, I used to be such an ass to Potheads. But with age comes knowledge and wisdom.
  5. So, when I was about 9-10 years old, I owned those weird slim toys from Nickelodeon. It would stick to walls and stuff. One day, my brother and I were throwing it at each other and what not, until he chucked it at my face. It hit dead on my right eyeball. Since then till about age 16, my right eye would twitch all the time. Now it's beginning to twitch again. [bleep].
  6. H2PM


    Some people like to live daring lives.
  7. It's good to know that the underside of my bed is peaceful and calm.
  8. For people to get on my sig they have to meet two requirements: 1) Post something amazing that is worthy to be in a sig. 2) Pay in sexual favors.
  9. It wouldn't matter at my school, in terms of weed. GSA = Grass Smokers of America.
  10. >that smell of rain after a storm or during >that smell of a sea breeze >combined I love Maine sometimes.
  11. Just go with the obesity one. What do you have to persuade about? Judging from the others listed, you have to persuade the reader why they're bad?
  12. H2PM


    I remember playing that at 3 in the morning at a friends house. Many NOPES were had.
  13. Wrong thread? Heh. Confession: I am really looking forward to this school year.
  14. H2PM


    Another term for undercooked.
  15. BECAUSE THERE ARE NO LYRICS IN POST ROCK SONGS. thats_the_joke.youtubevid
  16. I don't get it.. It's a relatively new Meme called Post-Rock Raven.
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