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  1. Season commented that she is going for all 30m+ at the moment when I spotted her at LRC.
  2. I don't think you quite grasp what an average is :P But I doubt you've recorded your effigies per day so it would be impossible to say anyway.
  3. The only time I've felt wrist pain is when I was doing 99 runecrafting. I went and bought a wrist-guard and everything was better.
  4. idk i'd trust the guy with 426m agility experience over science
  5. I've been using a Razer DeathAdder for like two years now, best mouse I've ever had.
  6. What do you use for BBG? Mithril Seeds
  7. You realize that using gyazo to link your images, the 10th or so person to watch doesn't actually see the image anymore? I did not. Thanks for the info. :) I'll use imageshack. I suggest imgur, it's a lot better than imageshack.
  8. I don't find that particularly impressive. He just has to have decent timing on the sweet eating.
  9. You apparently get a page chance each time you open the chest, so resetting after each boss seems to be the optimal way to farm them.
  10. Deyan seems mad. Post a video of you boxing jad with one prayer point while flashing peity in between protects and then you can talk shit about Woox.
  11. I liked the part where you didnt show up if you cared about that and also where he thanked people in the cc afterwards. But your part was cool too. I like the part where he had a party in the first place.
  12. I liked the part where gemeos tried to look pro and ignored all of his party guests by teleing off without saying anything.
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