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  • Birthday 10/09/1989

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    You'll find me on World 99.
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    Linnea <3, Runescape and developing games.

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  1. I never forget friends. Never. <3

  2. Thanks for the happy birthday wishes, Gradeskip. Glad you haven't forgotten me despite it having been forever since I was active on Runescape.

  3. Wowow its been so long! Happy birthday 1 year later <3

  4. Eagleeeeee!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY man :D Didnt see you in a long time, hope you're doing fine :D

  5. Morning bump! Party is in 7 hours in the afternoon. Be there! (And yes, I do get up early even on weekends. ^^ ) P.S. Thanks Infernal!
  6. Heads up to my good ol' friends! I'm getting 99 ranged this weekend! The party starts on Saturday, 2 PM (GMT) over at World 99. We'll meet up in Falador. Bring pets, chinchompas, a spade, a bulls-eye lantern and skill capes if you have one. Party Program Meet up at Falador Square. Chit-chat while rounding up. Level up on Giant Mole using chinchompas for maximum animal abuse! Finish mole off to see who gets the drops. Torch race around Fa.ador. 2 teams. Possibly a mime game? (If there's interest) Cape retrieval and trivial emoting before I permanently discard it in my bank. Hang out in my garden afterwards. If anyone can record the event, give me a heads up.
  7. Does anyone know where I can get a hold of law runes? There are no shops that sells them.
  8. A very happy birthday Miss Shadie! I got you a present in-game next time you hop on! :)

  9. Draggle cheated! He enslaved a monkey to do his dirty bidding! RAWRAWRAWR :twss: Oh, right... Congratulations! :thumbup:
  10. What to write, what to write? ._. Well, I recently put 10m into bloods and fire runes. I hope to get 90 in magic so just to have completed my silly spell book. + maging blue dragons makes some decent cash back. Counter-Invader is on its way as I'm restoring it at this moment with a new engine. Btw, folks. Anyone know how I can change the thread's name in Invision?
  11. No "Happy Birthday"? :P Good to hear from you, though. Have you quit playing? I haven't seen you around in a while (or you changed your nick like everyone else and made it hard for me to recognise you). :)
  12. Alright, I'm finally checking out the new forums. Seems like tip.it did a more than excellent job converting from PHPBB to Invision boards. All that's missing appears to be my text formating, which should be more or less no sweat restoring. During the time the boards were down, I got 98 ranged, completed my barrows collection, added a saradomin sword to the collection and turned 20. That's right, today's my birthday! See you guys around. -Eagle Tas
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