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  1. Not to be rude at all, but i belive the cold war already did that. :wall:
  2. See you wouldn't like it, so quite obviously Russia wouldn't like it. Basically what America is doing is stopping Russia's chances of attacking, while America can still attack easily. Obviously Russia isn't going to like that. So you're saying we should sit down and watch while Russia nukes us? =D> bravo genious
  3. Junk trades have some practical uses. For example, bought a zammy spear for 2.1 mill. I then turned around and used the junk from that trade to sell a guthix page for 400k, meaning i made most of my money back. Making junk from scratch though, unless from skilling (ex. fletching) doesnt makes sence
  4. Great GUIDE!! :thumbsup: One thing.... i went to look for Alphakodes Ice bursting guide and i couldnt find it :shock: Other than that... AWSOME JOB
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