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  1. First our duo vid, this is rushing with claws and armadyl godsword not much "honour". Youtube HD Video - This video will cause high CPU usage, to view the video in a lower quality, please click . Second vid is just fights with honour and some rushing but no duo video. Youtube HD Video - This video will cause high CPU usage, to view the video in a lower quality, please click . Enjoy watching.
  2. All I want to know is if it protects over a godsword? I heard it does but I need confirmation before I spend a few hours in mobilsing armies for an item I won't use.
  3. Most people in pvp are idiots, when I rush them everyone goes like omg l2pk, or fail when I hit a bad combo with armadyl godsword and blitz. And I tell these idiots there's no such thing as fail just random numbers, but noo they won't accept it. So now these days I just rush with public off. And I don't need to learn how to pk, pking is still player killing I can do it my way and just try to kill someone when they're not potted nor praying piety or somehting like that so they're weaker. Or the boring way of waiting for a target for like an hour which turns out to be an ep farmer who will camp at mage arena, a teamer who won't come to edgeville, a total noob who wants a free kill or else he is going nowhere, a tank or a guy with barely any attack 70 defence and super high strength.
  4. Does anyone know if the imbued berserker ring protects over a godsword?
  5. well i dont like tanks. in fact i hate them they ruin the combat system more than pures. i rated 1/5 My thoughts exactly.
  6. Ugh are you some annoying noob in welfare that always attacks people that risk big, like me I always get attacked as soon as I turn on prayer by some nerb with ranged...
  7. Every update I see you complain about something... Maybe people get annoyed to always see you complain.
  8. O.O Nice! Post proof of selling or in ur inv pls :P I can't give more proof than the pile if it was in my inventory it would look fake, and if it helps I can post a picture of 2 swords in my bank lolz...
  9. Woot finaly no more waiting when doing agility with brawlers.
  10. Rogue kill, he was tricking so I guess he had some statue that protected over it.
  11. Hmm you're 106 combat, he could've been a maxed zerker, or if you were in level 4 wild or so some barrow pure with 99 strength and piety and still like 90ish attack. He just got lucky, because you haven't fought a tank ranger, with my 92 attack I barely hit 85+ defence in just d'hide and some rune.
  12. Meh all those stupid critics, I go to the movie for entertainment, not to think about deeper meanings and stuff or talk like hours afterwards about what x did and why he did it... If I want to think I'll grab my book filled with math and calculations or something like that. So I saw the movie yesterday and it was great, action, robots fighting, babes, and the story line wasn't that bad either.
  13. For melee brawlers you could add that you can wait till you get a fire giant task/black demon task. Fire giants are indeed the best to use them with, I did it when I got a slayer task. Not sure about the experience, but I think 200-300k/h was what I got. This was with black mask, stealing creation legs, super potted, strength and attack prayer. I think I could protect brawlers too with the set up I had, but you lose your slayer helm, which is quite expensive. Also the experience is probably more because I had to hop/restock often and almost got pked once. Afterwards I still had 2 pair left and I got a black demon task, the experience was waay much worse, probably because of their high defence.
  14. I love how you flick on melee prayer to protect from someone PJing you after you PJed someone. :| Why should she not pray? If you risk about 1M worth of armor and a pile of loot you'd pray too. Also not every kill is a pj, some are just rushes, if you fail to pray after the first spec well that's your problem, they've time enough to pray certainly with quickprayers.
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