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  1. Been a while since I posted of tif. Forgot to take a pic of my ragefire boots drop. So here is my most recent level. Edit: First picture was poor quality
  2. Daem quite empty in w99 this morning. Login servers decided to stop working I guess.... Quite a rare sight, I'd say.
  3. Mining plot 2: one stone mined -> <- two stones mined Yay free boring xp :wall:
  4. This looks shopped. Debian isn't handy at all. This is not right. Debian is awesome [/linux jokes] unspam: my hot new maul (old)
  5. My ex-gf from 2.5/3 years ago. OT irlpics was rather intrigued with her, she was pretty. I cant afford all that fancy smancy high-end stuff and BELIEVE me. I am VERYY happy. hahahah Malwarebytes is a free alternative to anti-virus software. It's lightweight, portable, and easy to use. DOWNLOAD IT, I believe I already told you to.
  6. Failed hard in a floor today... I broke my gatestone, somehow...
  7. My bad habits are quite harmful to skilling... I sit at my bank and just stare for 15 mins, go read tif/tipit ect (Kind of like right now...), and go back to rs, bored. I then proceed to spend my whole cash-pile (quite small) on an item(s) I rarely use for a skill I barely train. I.E. D hatchet when I haven't trained WC in ages (or plan on it), or armor for slayer, when I do 5 tasks a month.
  8. This isn't a guide. This is just a video that I'm not going to waste my time watching.
  9. This has been happening at Daemonheim for at least two weeks, if not longer. It started happening around the same time as the Clan Citadel rocks were added. Possibly a link? I think most likely not.
  10. What was your previous RuneScape name that you are listed under on the highscores?: Matanui12321 What is your current RuneScape display name?: Debian What Tip.it highscore list(s) are you currently added to?: P2P
  11. Just a couple snipes. [hide=Echocut] [/hide] [hide=Sheep] [/hide] [hide=Deo again] [/hide] [hide=Gwynrwyn] [/hide] [hide=Triple Snipe] <- Sorry, bad edit [/hide] [hide=Neo Gilgame0] [/hide] [hide=Lurn 2 Spel] [/hide] [hide=Iiccee] [/hide] [hide=Dinosorcerer] [/hide] Edit: Learn to read forums. Edit 2: snipes inb4tansuo [hide=Tansuo] [/hide] [hide=Ppjt] [/hide]
  12. I have edited the original post. I think four edits are enough. I though I would reply so the edit was noticed. Also, all the auras are seemingly indistinguishable. Also [again], the Reverence aura is on sale for 400 LP, but when the sale ends, it will go up to 5,000 LP.
  13. A new aura from the loyalty reward programme. Its examine: Slows down prayer drain and increases prayer restoration from potions. Image of the item [hide] [/hide] Image of Aura in use [hide] [/hide] The aura works for one [1] hour and then requires three [3] hours to recharge for use again. To activate the aura you must equip it. If you unequip the aura while in use, the aura stops and must be recharged for use again... :wall: And the time you had left in the current charge gets added to the recharge time. E.G. Unequip aura with 45 mins left, recharge time is 3:45 hours. Image of recharge time: [hide] [/hide] Weighs 0 kg (Not sure about decimal weight) Auras cannot be taken into Dungeons at Daemonheim. In a quick test, at level 79 prayer, using the aura and piety, the time it took to go to zero was 2:05 minutes WITH the aura. Without the aura, it took 2:00 minutes to drain my prayer. In that test there was a 4% increase in the time it took for my prayer to reach 0. At 79 prayer a prayer pot dose replenishes 26 prayer points. With the aura it's 29 and wrench and aura it's 30 or 31. I didn't get to test how much prayer potions restore as I lost the aura after I unequipped it. After my aura recharges, I will test everything more. Edit 1: If you lose the physical aura [tab], you can retrieve another from Xuan, near the Warrior's Guild in Burthrope, for no cost. Edit 2: The physical aura [tab] has a destroy option, wear, time remaining (check time left until recharge), use, and examine. You cannot get more than one of each type of aura [tab]. Edit 3: The aura gives a +3 when using ppots. Haven't tried with super restores (don't have) or super prayer pots (no access). When using in combination with the holy wrench, it stacks. Edit 4: The Last Edit: The above is true for super restores and super prayer pots. The holy wrench gives its +1/+2 bonus along with the aura's +3. More tests of Pray drain rate resulted the same, ~4% decrease in the rate. Before your aura is completely depleted, you will get a message, at one [1] minute left, stating that there is one minute left in the aura before a recharge is necessary. And when the aura is depleted you get a message stating that the aura has been depleted.
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