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  1. Couldn't find these here so here goes (sorry, but I don't have pictures). All are scan clues. Clue 1 : This scroll will work in Brimahven dungeon. Orb scan range 14 paces Location - Just before the bridge crossing the lava stream in the Red Dragons dungeon. Clue 2 : This scroll will work in the city of Zanaris. Orb scan range 16 paces Location - East of the Cosmic altar entance. close to the wall Clue 3 : This scroll will work within the walls of East or West Ardougne. Orb scan range 22 paces Location - 2 steps west of waterpump in main square of West Ardougne
  2. The runecrafting experiance table is incorrect ) Jagex nerfed it, unfortunately :( For Death runes you now get 2xp per 10 runes crafted - don't know about the others. Perhaps other people could help there as I have given up doing the skill until there is proper support for solo players.
  3. I agree that inappropriate ads (including RS gold sellers etc) should be blacklisted and understand why Google ads has been removed. I will also continue to report any inappropriate ads to the admin team. However, bowing to Jagex and banning adverts for other games, is not in the spirit of free competition. We live in a democracy ( at least a lot of us do) not a dictatorship and the admin team should not accept Jagex's demand to remove advertisments for other games sites. After all if RS is truly the number 1 MMORPG as Jagex advertises then they should not be afraid of a little competition. I, for one will NOT be reporting any adverts I see for competing games, and if that means exclusion from Tip.it then so be it.
  4. Liked both articles. 2nd article - I also remember the days when people specialized more and I do agree that the GE has killed most of this specialization. I also agree with giving us more "boss" monsters that require teams to kill as it will encourage co-operation. However, these monsters should be new monsters NOT revamped old ones. The old ones should be left alone to give players a chance to test their solo skills. In fact IMO it would be great to add a few more challenging "boss" monsters that can only be soloed (like Nomad). On the subject of quests. These should be single player tasks with any help being given by NPCs. The problem with multi-player quests is getting people to help you when you want. It took me 5 years to complete Legends because I could never find someone to help when I was wanting to do the quest.
  5. Personally I can't understand what all the whining is about as it doesn't really affect anything atm. It took me all of 10 secs (if that) to get used to it. I do wonder though if this change has been made because of the upcoming new skill?
  6. What person with 93 Slayer doesn't have a fire cape? I'm almost 92 slayer and I don't have one. There are 2 reasons why : 1) the Tzaar caves design and colour scheme gives me a headache after a while (the main reason) 2) I don't like mingames - the only ones I've played are those that are required for quests, achievement diaries etc. However, if the requirement had remained I would have suffered and got a fire cape just to have full access to all slayer creatures.
  7. No. I tried it but after a while stopped when I realised that I'd tried something almost the same before. There are far too many games of this type available. The only way to get anywhere in this type of game is to spend lots of money. In one I joined recently the top player was boasting that he spent hundreds of dollars a month to keep his top status. TBH I am disappointed that Jagex have put their name against such a game.
  8. In order to decide whether the anti-hijack system is right for you let's consider the pros and cons. Pros : 1) It will prevent anyone ever hacking into your account 2) More bank space (the proposed encentive to use it) Cons : 1) Yet another thing to enter on login - you already have a password and bank PIN 2) The system will have to be compatible with all PC operating systems; windows 2000 onwards, MacOS, Linux etc. etc. If Jagex miss even one of these out it will go against the founding priciple of being able to play RS on ANY PC irregardless of age, capacity, etc. Also, chances are that if you buy new PC it will have a different OS to the PC you have and you will have to buy another dongle. 3) You won't be able to play RS on public computers, eg. at libraries, or internet cafes, as the majority of these places do not allow you to plug hardware into their computers to reduce the risk of virus's etc. 4) You will have to buy the thing which makes a mockery of F2P as it will no longer be truly "free" 5) Chances are that if you are playing on a laptop you may not have a free USB port to insert the device into, so immediately you are disadvantaged which again goes against the founding principles of RS (see 2). 6) If the device works in the same way as similar devices I have come across if you lose it (or damage it) you will not be able to access RS again until you have persuaded Jagex that you have lost it, paid for a new one and waited for it to arrive. Depending on where in the world you live this could take several weeks. Looking at the above list, it is obvious to me that the cons far outweigh the pros and, IMO, the idea, although sounding good at first, seems to be not very well thought out by Jagex. Also, as has been pointed out, anyone with half a brain knows not to give passwords to "friends" and to have a reliable virus checker on their PC. I, for one, will not be taking advantage of this "offer" despite the "bribe" of extra bank space
  9. Hey, I've got a good idea - why not petition Jagex to give us all 99s when we create an account that way we can all do anything we want when we start and we will not have people whining because they have to "work" to make their character good.
  10. All this talk of carrots reminds me of a stupid joke someone told me the other day it goes something like this : Q - Why do rabbits have good eyesight? A - Because they eat carrots Q - Why can Foxes see in the dark? A - Because they eat rabbits.....
  11. The most desired item in RS...... Can only be one thing..... That tiny yellow item....... THE ALMIGHTY GP
  12. It's big news, and too many people don't bother reading the RSOF. To be exact it is approx 1am in UK so [email protected] are working extremely late =D>
  13. Brave2


    I had a similar thing happen to me. To deal with it I used the following process : 1) report to Jagex 2) add to ignore list 3) carry on with what I was doing My advice to anyone getting similar events is do the same. Jagex WILL deal with the offenders.
  14. Therin lies a problem. How do you know that this lev 130 account is bought? Perhaps he just likes to fight steel dragons this way, or perhaps he has not yet worked out the best way to fight them. Heck, it could even be the first time he has ever killed them!!!! Just because someone is lev 130 does not mean that you have experiance of every monster in RS. I have personal experiance of accusations that I have bought my account. On 3 occasions I have been killing Abherrent Spectres with my Dragon Longsword and have been accused of having bought my (lev 124 combat) account simply because I am not using a Dragon Scimitar, or Whip. When I tried to explain to them that I liked my Dragon Longsword and furthermore told them it was none of their business what weapon I choose to use they kept taunting me. One of them even threatened to report me, so I told him to go ahead if he wanted to get a black mark for false reporting as I have had the account (my only one) for around 5 years and have been paying the monthly subscription from the same bank account for most of that time. I got so p****d off with this that I went to the Cave Horrors and got a black mask so I could make a slayer helm and go fight Abyssal Spectres in the smoke dungeons (with my trusty Dragon Longsword!!) without having noobs accuse me of account buying.
  15. Agreed - cheating on video games isn't illegal BUT RS is not a video game it is a network based game and as such everything is owned by Jagex. We do not "buy" the game as in true video games we only "rent" our character as Jagex owns ALL rights to your character. We all sign an agreement (although most people do not read it) to that effect, and cheating is against that agreement and so IS illegal. As most of the RWT sites are not UK based and with the problems of even identifying the site owners then any legal action is going to be difficult and very expensive. Several people keep saying WOW won their legal case, so why can't Jagex? Well, for one thing, the WOW case did not involve RWTing and to be honest was unique. What they sucessfully prosecuted (as far as I am aware) was a lawsuit against a group of programmers (hackers, if you like) who were breaking the WOW code to produce cheats etc. which they then sold. Unfortunately for this group, they were identified and as they were based in the same country as Blizzard were relatively easy to prosecute. It should be noted that even though Blizzard won the case they ended up losing money.
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