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  1. I think my friend is really talented, but I always tell her she's not bad...even though I think she's great I constantly tell myself the world would be better off without me, but I can never commit suicide. I was quite cloe friends with this girl I only know online, to the point where I became really depressed everytime she got pissed off at me. I always blame myself. I have tried to talk to people about my wanting to commit suicide, but they just say I'm looking for attention. Overall, i often feel mysel becoming closer and closer to self harming myself badly or death Morbid, I know Oh and I also dread th summer because I'll have time to myself. School helps me keep my mind off most of the bad stuff
  2. Which is what you planned....552
  3. Just to annoy us, huh? 561
  4. Banned for being the one mod that's annoyed me tonight
  5. Banned because our form of english is better...and because I don't want to use a full stop
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