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  1. I'm looking to kill the 500 needed for that mini-quest thing with the keys and the blood alter thing, I don't remember what it's called. Anyways, 2 questions, is darkmeyer the best location to hunt vyrewatch? and, which weapon is best to use against them? the ivandis flail or the blightwood weapons? would using the blightwood increase the effectiveness of the flail or do i have to use the flail to increase its stats? is it worth using to upgrade it? or would it be better to play the temple trekking game and get corpses from there? thanks in advance
  2. This says it perfectly. I, for example, don't have a large stack of ovls, so I only use them for specific slayer tasks where they are much more useful than extremes. I won't use them when doing tasks such as dagannoths where I'm only cannoning for 15 minutes on a low def monster. That helps clarify it, thank you very much everyone
  3. I'm curious what people use overloads for? since they aren't allowed in dangerous pvp situations. Do people use them for safe pvp, like minigames? boss hunting? slayer and general combat? Yes I feel stupid for asking, but honestly, it'll help to know, so w/e. Thanks in advance
  4. I have pretty much only snapdragons, only a couple hundred of the other kinds, mostly from my own adventures or using up gathered herb seeds, the snaps i have a ton of and plan to sell, just wondering when I should, and same goes for the mort myre fungus
  5. thanks, now, what should i do. I missed the initial rush, the first 3 days, then the prices started dropping. So, do i sell now or hope they go back up as the weekend gets closer?
  6. really? when was the anouncement? EDIT: crap, i misseed the initial boat, so now i really need to know what to do.
  7. Obviously a lot of people have been saving grown herbs either to sell or use for herblore xp. My plan was to sell my herbs and mort myre fungi gathered and hopefully earn enough for 92 or 95 prayer. I am wondering, since everyone will be looking to sell when the bxp weekend is announced, am I going to lose profit selling amongst the flood? or will there still be people buying up herbs to get their precious herblore xp? I would like to make enough money for 92 or 95 prayer, so another question is are dragon bones going to crash or spike? right now there are like 3k, which seems low. Should I cash out now or wait? Right now if i sold everything (herbs and fungi) and used all my cash, I could get 92, which is fine by me, I can get that and get 95 later. Also, I have a pair of ranger boots and a good number of herb seeds so I could re-grow the cash pile without difficulty. what do you think I should do?
  8. What hunter/farming/herblore levels do you need for this? My stats are in my sig, I think I just need hunter, but I haven't looked at the game, like the OP
  9. I am trying to get the stats needed to finish the elite diaries. I am wondering if I should use goldsmithing gauntlets and smelt gold, or buy addy bars and smith bolts. Also, do either one of these finished products sell well or not? I would like be get rid of them once i've finished to get some of the money back. Also, I assume the addy bolts are faster, but is goldsmithing slow like to an unbearable point like cannonballs? or is it ok? If you have alternative ideas for me to do smithing training I would appreciate it, I am trying to find a fast-ish and cheap-ish way, maybe a 20m-40m loss or something. Thank you P.S. I think I heard that doing superheat with goldsmith gauntlets speeds it up, but is it a pain to do? would regular smelting be easier (more AFK-ish?)
  10. What kept me motivated is the fact that RS remains the nicest game MMORPG I've ever played. The goals are very long term and the game itself provides fun for every type of player. Whether you are a skiller (like me) or a mercher, pker or bosshunter; the game remains challenging... I've tried other games like LOTRO & WOW and those were fun to start but once you reached max combat & max crafting levels all there was left to do was farm bosses week after week to get max gear. And by the time you reached that they plan a new update box, you had to buy again (on top of the +10 member fee month after month) and you could restart leveling, crafting and getting geared up again. Not my cup of tea. OT: Besides there are scammers in every game and WOW is probably the game that has the most hacked accounts ever. So after all RS isn't so bad :) The best thing to do is not to worry too much about in game value and just have fun in your own way. Losing cash because of greedy people isn't fun, especially when they rob all of your bank value but you still have your skills to get back on track. Exactly 2 months after being hacked I've gathered 7 skillcapes and got almost all my money back. Got full melee slayer gear again (bandos, dfs, rapier etc etc) only thing is still miss is my Armadyl ranged gear but working on that now. Should have that in less than 10 days normally :) Making cash is very easy once you got the skills... That's intersting. I've been doing some thinking, and I also noticed a bunch of lvl 3 pures with 99 farming when I've been doing herb runs. I think that if I lost this account, that'd be the one thing to make me quit, otherwise, like you said, I think I'll just keep doing whatever skills and not worry about the in game value. The money will come. Skills and fun should be the focus. I've actually been debating about going for another 99, or also just doing slayer to get melee up. I haven't dared trying other MMO games. I feel like I picked my one game (actually my first MMO) and I should stick with it. I like it, and I wouldn't want to start over. I like the huge variety RS has, and even if you get maxed there is still plenty to do even if you get tired of boss farming.
  11. ooo, that's intersting, I think I'll head over there and see how that goes. Thank you
  12. wow, that's awful, I mean, losing that huge amount of time, cash, and effort is bad, but to have a friend do that, that's, terrible, to put it in clean language. I've been fluctuating between being talking and being helpful and being only nice to my friends. Like, I've seen a few low level players being mauled by bears or whatever, I go kill the bear for them. What kept you motivated to play after those kind of losses? being betrayed by a friend and losing 500m + a red mask and whatever else?
  13. I feel like I'm on the way to quitting, but I'm not there yet. I'm hopeful that I will continue to play, as I do like the game, I'm afraid that I will be bored by playing it though. I will be starting college in the fall, so I have no idea what my schedule or interests will be.
  14. No. He shreds through anything. Defense bonuses are of little to no use on him. Just maximize offense. I've fought using both, and I feel like I got hit less hard and less often when I wore dhide instead of void, maybe I'll try with dhide again, haven't tried it since i got void
  15. I have 99 range, 90hp, 89 magic, 81 def I have full elite void, robin hood hat, ranger boots, ranging ammy, unholy book, and ava's alerter I am wondering which set of armor would be better for taking down nomad, I really really want to kill this guy finally. I have gotten him down to beserk mode, but then screwed up. Thank you
  16. That's just the money I've slowly aquired through the course of playing the game and doing the daily shop run for like, idk, probably over a year at least. Plus whatever I made doing w/e, minus what I spent getting the 99s I have.
  17. You're the [bleep]ing epitome of the idiot generation. There's nothing wrong with being mad over something you care about. In fact, I'd argue that apathy is far worse. That meme is old, annoying, and taken way out of context. Oh thank you, I'm glad there are still mature, considerate people. Also, thanks for the encouragement, to those who said "chalk it up to expirience." I was surprised and disappointed with the responses condoning scamming. Earn an honest living, both runescape and irl. Yes it's a game, but it's something people put a lot of time and effort into. For those saying "lol n00b ur stupid," just try to imagine how you would feel if you lost most of your wealth next time you log in. People make mistakes, stuff happens. This time, it happened to be me. Karma and honest dedication, I'll get back up there.
  18. can you point me to a flipping guide? I haven't found a good one, it just seems very abstract right now. Also, I do have a pair of ranger boots I could sell for extra cash for flipping, I got 99 ranged, I think with doing slayer or whatever using snakeskin would be fine, do you think I should sell them?
  19. thanks, both for moving it, and the advice. I did report them, and I feel very stupid for not understanding that the doubling money thing should be in one trade. I guess I shouldn't do any big decisions when I'm tired, had a long day of college, now this, but still. Right now, I still am motivated to at least play, we'll just have to see how i feel over the next few days.
  20. thanks, that's the kind of stuff I like to hear, I know I was stupid, I said that. I guess this just reinforces the "hard knocks." The world will screw you over and no one will care.
  21. I just lost 40m. It's my own fault, I feel very stupid, and very disapointed ithat people would do that in a game, but really, i'm mad at myself. I fell for it. Person A and his friends set up a scenario where a guy was doubleing money, he did it to one guy, pretended to scam another, then gave it back. This continued for a while, i thought it was a set up, but for some reason, I went for it anyway. Surprse, I gave him 40m out of my 50m total cashpile, and he logged out. I'm trying to tell meself this is just a game, but I'm still a bit upset and frustrated that I have to start over earning money. I'm not, like expecting donations or pity, but those would be nice :oops: If anyone has a good money making idea for a charecter with my level/skills, i'll do whatever. The only thing I have for money making is the daily stuff, so about 500k a day, idk what else to do for money. also, i do have a pair of rangers boots, and i did just get 99 ranged. I plan on doing slayer to train melee and get money, would hanging on to the ranger boots be worth it? or just get snakeskin and call it a day?
  22. I have all the quests already done except nomad's requiem, I've gotton him down to beserk mode, but failed a bunch of times. Quests are my favorite aspect of the game. I'll look into the hunting habitat thing, and mix it up between dungeoneering and slayer. Unfortunetly, I got most of the my 65 levels in DG by Tears of Guthix, so I have less tokens than I should, but w/e. Thank You both for the advice.
  23. I just got 99 ranged, which has been a long term goal of mine :thumbsup: Anyway, now I want to work toward max combat, and the conventional wisdom says that the best way to do that is slayer. I also want to finally finish off Nomad, and also complete the elite achievement diaries. What I need your help with is, I'm looking for a way to get some "real" money. Right now I have about 50m cash, a pair of ranger boots I got from treasure trails, and I could probably sell some items and get at least 10-20m more. I do the daily stuff, battlestaffs and such, and I am going to start doing MTK again. I am curious, with my stats, or stats I am close to, is there something I can do to start rolling in the gp's? Or will doing slayer get me the money I want to do the "buyable" (yet expensive) skills. (first buyable toward finishing elite diaries would probably be 95 prayer, I think I need about 50-55m more, depending on how much stuff I sell, I do have a fair number of dragon bones banked.) Thank You in advance
  24. I understand i'm not there yet, but I just am approaching it. The endgame for me personally would probably be maxed combat and combat related skills. Then it would be like, maybe getting 99s in the non-combat related skills that i enjoy, while doing DG and boss hunting and w/e. I do enjoy the various minigames very much, and I look forward to being one of the maxed guys running around pwning everyone. pretty much what nifflin said. thank you all for the replys and input.
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