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  1. I feel like I am approaching the endgame area of Runescape. I have all the quests done (except stupid Nomad, but he's going down once I finish 99 range if not sooner) I have the achievement diaries done (except elite level ones) and my skills are all fairly high. I am not looking to get the completionist cape or max cape. I want to just enjoy the game. Once I get 99 range and 94-ish mage, I plan on doing slayer to take my time maxing melee, and playing the various mini-games, since I find them fun. I also like completing quests (probably favorite activity) and the various side task/side quest stuff, like the stuff listed as requirements for completion cape. My question is, for you guys who have like, maxed stuff, do you still find the game fun? What do you do that you like?
  2. so i'd want to just get the range helmet, and what other pieces? deflector, gloves, legs, ? i do have barrows gloves and I would get the melee helm later too and just ahrims with staff of light for bursting right? Correct. Use full void + deflector with a range top. And for mage gear, that's pretty much it. However, using a SoL and battle robes will save you 50% of your runes. So consider that if you enjoy FoG(Full set lasts about 10 hours, costs 250 tokens to charge the set). And i wouldn't advise bursting at mummies... Do rock lobsters for charms. You'll thank yourself later. ok thank you very much, and I do love playing Fist of Guthix, so i will get myself some battle robes.
  3. so i'd want to just get the range helmet, and what other pieces? deflector, gloves, legs, ? i do have barrows gloves and I would get the melee helm later too and just ahrims with staff of light for bursting right?
  4. I am working on getting 99 range via chinning mummies in the chaos tunnels. I am 96 rang atm. I am wondering if I should get void armor or just keep going. The only void armor i have is the elite top from The Void Stares back. I am planning on going for 94 mage via ice bursting in the same spot, so would it be worth getting if i do that part too? If you want to suggest other ways to do mage, that's fine too
  5. Since the wilderness and free trade will return, is there something you are doing to "prep"? I am killing fire giants to stock up on rune scimmys to sell once the wildy comes out. I am also doing herb runs every day to make plenty of pots to sell. What are your plans? train hard? make/get stuff to sell? go on like normal?
  6. I'm still torn about how I feel about unbalenced trade I do like that the number of botters crashed after the event in december 07. I also feel like the current limits are fine for the most part, I have been frustrated on a few occasions, but big picture, I can live with them. with the wilderness, I am not a big fan of the current drop system, but I did enjoy being able to wander the whole world and kill people. I personally enjoyed the new tactic of running through buildings up and down stairs and stuff. so with the wilderness, I want the old drop system back, but like the article said, that allows cheaters, so I am not sure what I would do. I hope Jagex has an idea. Also, first post \:D/
  7. I enjoyed both articles, nice work. Also First post yay! I am being a little greedy, but i hope the phats crash enough for me to get one. Also, i am looking foreward to free trade, when the ge first came out, i got a lot of crafting levels, i hope i can benefit again for the camelot one, i think romeo and juliet should have stayed. I like being able to look back on "unprofessional" stuff and see how far I've come. Jagex doesn't feel the same way. Oh well
  8. This is what I was trying to say earlier, but he articulated it much better. While Guthix Sleeps was probably my favorite quest so far although, honestly, I didn't remember the fights being THAT big of a deal (like Nomad, that jerk...)
  9. First article, I am going to disagree with the author. Why is having puzzles, a few fights, and a big boss battle a "boring template?" What else is there? There are only so many things you can do in runescape when it comes to mechanics. Fight, talk, use skills, solve puzzles, ...others? The way those are presented are the way quests have variety. Jagex has done a great job making these quests. So what if there's puzzles fights and a boss? Second article, I like it, I see it all the time, bystanaders complaining. For example, my school is doing a talent show sometime in the near future. I heard a few kids talking about how one of the bands that is going to play "sucks" or something. To me, you need to put up or shut up. I didn't see any of those mockers signing up to do their own "awesome" performance. Third article, I like it, but I'm lost, too many charecters and names, I don't know what's going on. I suppose I could just read the whole story through at once though. Keep up the good work!
  10. For the "baby MMO" article, I guess I have thought about playing other MMOs. I just don't relish the idea of starting a charecter from scratch again. Plus, cost has kept me from even looking at several MMOs. I think the Lego one could be a lot of fun, but money, and also I heard that the gameplay ends fairly fast, then you have to make your own fun. I like the fiction article, keep up the good work. With choice, I am torn on the issue. I like decisions to not be so permanent. Like, having to choose between two awesome items. I don't know if the elite armor choice is permanent or not, but I'd like to be able to switch the colors. I do agree that seeing every high level player in identical armor sucks.
  11. I really appreciate that you took the time wish me a happy birthday. It made me smile. Thank you.

  12. Here's an updated link, i think it's awesome, i just need an idea for a hat Uploaded with ImageShack.us it's a bluerite sword, asgarnian painted shield, but it seems like the clothing was made perfectly for link. I chose the crushed acorn green for shirt, and soda ash for pants.
  13. i think if i was a new player, I would be excited and a bit overwhelmed by all the "new" content that's been added since I started I also love the new basic outfits. I always have fun when they add a new batch of clothes. FIRST POST! Hooah!
  14. I recently realized I was in danger of becoming a drone that the second article talked about. The 99s I have I achieved while making homework more bearable. The only 99s I will get are ones that I will enjoy along the way. I am glad that the message is getting out there. IT'S A FREAKING GAME, MEANT FOR ENJOYMENT! I will grind only to be able to finish a quest or something. I won't get a 99 for the sake of having a 99.
  15. The first article, I agree with the other responses. It is unfair for the few players who supposedly have thousands of climbing boots to suddenly become grossly rich from an update. But, I have doubts that any one player had thousands of climbing boots. Maybe a few hundred. As for a rollback, I thought of this: Is it really fair for Jagex to punish, probably under 50 players who got super rich so the rest of us consider it fair? I do not know a lot about computer programming, but I would guess a rollback would take some serious effort. A rollback to punish the very few who may be super rich now, just to appease the hundreds of thousands. I say, yes it does suck that I couldn't get rich too, but just move on. They got lucky Second article I definetly understand the plight of writing articles. I write for examiner.com and it can get difficult to keep coming up with new material every week.
  16. I agree the first article was "concise." I did find some of the list amusing though. For the second article, i love playing castle wars, and i do encounter the same problems the article touched on. UNbalenced teams make the game not much fun, and any decent reward is unobtainable I do like the catapault improvement, clicking out the coordinates sucked
  17. Nobody's going to mention FARMING!!!! come on, you are just going to play for months stealing/buying seeds and only train farming? i've seen untrimmed slayer capes on lvl 3s find a utrimmed farming cape for me
  18. I do enjoy shattered heart, but i do hate that certain skills (for me it's runecrafting and theiving) take forever and a half to get the rocks, I am much more likely to complete it eventually if the 4 hours till you get a stone are reduced, but i will still probably work towards it. as with the second article, I do agree that bosses shouldn't be able to be done solo. I have had a bunch of fun going with a small group of rl friends and fighting various bosses ( we also kick butt in barbarian assaut, but more on that when someone writes about that update) I do miss the older days of runescape, where i had to barter and explore instead of just heading to the GE. but i also do have a love/hate of the ge. im really torn on which "era" i prefer
  19. I've been trying to kill the nomad for a while now. I want my cape back :angry: I've been reading guides but the dumb jerk seems to hit me constantly so i am always healing out of necesity can someone offer advice on how to "effectivly" use the restore/brew method? i fear i may be doing it wrong. I am aware that you are supposed to use a 1:3 ratio and only drink a restore dose after 4 brew doses, but i get hit frequently so i need to heal would incorporating rocktails be something to try? my stats are 79 att, str, def 89 range 86 mage 71 pray 71 summon 84 hp money isn't much of an issue for the supplies but some equipment may be beyond my reach i have roughly 30 mil in cash plus tons of other items or is it a problem of my charecter just being too weak in melee stats? i have been trying the range with ruby (e) bolts, but if my defence level is 79 is it just too low? methods, links to lower leveled guides, advice, post whatever you think would help. Thank you
  20. I agree with the guy that said something like "i enjoyed the story and stuff of the thanksgiving turkey apocalypse." I personally found it hilarious. The only part I didn't like was there was nothing besides the re-unlocking of the emote. The clue thing was awesome until I gave up and used some help. for those who care, my first cape was quest as well. I genuinlly enjoy doing quests and try to do them without guides, (except, i always look at the items needed, no need to interrupt my journey to go fetch a bucket of milk)
  21. I agree that the second article was right on. I too was a bit disapointed that i recieved no reward for preventing the turkey apocalypse. However i did enjoy doing the clue hunt event. even though the reward is a toy, it's fun to collect those. I am just a tad sad that i can't ever get the bunny ears of scythe, the only 2 non-tradeable event things i dont have.
  22. ok, but can i just buy the unfinished bolts from a slayer master? or do i have to use slayer points and with fletching maples, even without sc knives, it would cost a little under 3m and then i can do homework or whatever while cutting
  23. I am planning to go for 99 fletching. It is currently 89. I am wondering how i should go about doing it. A) Buy maples and fletch maple long (u) B) Do a bunch of stealing creation, use knives to cut maple long (u) C) Buy yew logs, cut, string, alch or sell D) Buy yew longs, string then, alch or sell the alching would probably be with runes i craft myself my main options are a or b I am wondering if the time would be shorter by playing stealing creation or just cut the extra logs I can get i think 21-22 points minimum per game you can also pm me in game if you don't feel like posting but want to offer advice :roll:
  24. i was wondering about that too, but then i saw the thing that they were going to take the week off.
  25. First post? ok yes I agree, free players are getting screwed, it's pretty hard to work your way up if you don't know what to do (i personally dont either, besides 76king or merch clans, i do not know how to get gross amounts of money) i don't really want a new skill for a money sink, but maybe some high level shop items that you can't get another way? Look at the dragon square shield, the right half costs 750k in a shop but the ge sells whole thing for like 300,000 ish
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