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  1. I'm likely not actually going to get from 97 all the way to 99, but I'll get a good chunk closer. My question is, efficiency wise, should I use the abyss or runespan? I know the demonic skull bonus xp doesn't carry over, or it's reduced or something. So would runespan be the way to go? or is the abyss still better? I don't care about the bonus of making money, just want the 99. The only other skill I'd be able to do is dung, but you can get tons of xp for that from the daily challenge and sinkholes. I don't care about xp past 99, except for getting 120 dung, and maybe eventually invention.
  2. I have full seasinger plus the weapons already. I did some research, and my plan is to dump some of the lower tier gear. I am done with slayer, it's 99, and I have zero interest in getting 200m. My thought was to buy virtus armor (seasinger weapons) pernix armor, ascension main hand, and death lotus off hand, and buy the glacor boots for mage and range,and get the dungeoneering necklaces too. Or would it be better to just buy the nex armor, forget the boots and necklaces and build up money for the t90 weapons I don't have? Also is there a consensus of dual wield vs 2h is better, or is it dependent on what boss/abilities? Thanks for all the feedback so far.
  3. I've been playing the game for a long time, but haven't done much bossing at all. I maxed my combat levels over the DXPW, along with a few other skills, so I've got 5 left. I like dungeoneering and sinkholes because it's not as much of a grind, more of actually playing a game. I want to get in to bossing because it feels like a lot more fun to me. I don't have a lot of time to play, so solo bossing only pretty much, I don't want to have to deal with group bossing for now. Maybe in the future, but not now. So, for solo bossing, I would like to know what equipment i need. Significant high level stuff I have: 99 all combat skills, prayer, herblore, summoning Drygore Maces Overloads all achievement diary stuff except desert amulet 4, I haven't beaten all the dominon tower stuff, mostly just need journal pages. maxed ports if the death lotus darts are good, all 3 sets of port armor, and the magic weapons, I have the stuff to make the melee and ranged weapons, but I have drygores. royal crossbow 6th age circut ring amulet of fury lava cape (going to do the fight kiln) full bandos abyssal wand full guthan full karil dreadnips and the dominion tower gloves vine whip EEE vampirism and penance auras ranger boots and robin hood hat (old school player) full void, all helmets, elite torso, is it worth getting elite everything? 500 vampyres cremated if blisterwood stuff is good archer ring full gano and ~250m to work with, I can make more I do also have all the quests done if there's something relevant I forgot about. So, what do I need? I think either range or mage set up works for most bosses, but I'm not opposed to melee either. Should I get one of the Nex sets, better weapons, ring/necklaces I need, etc? Thanks for your help. P.S. if someone could guide me to where to look for optimal ability bar set ups, that'd be sweet too.
  4. at the moment, I've got about 30 mil of PoP rewards selling on the GE, 15 mil in cash, and I can go cash out miscellania, which I just restocked like a week or two ago (refilled coffers, haven't taken rewards since around March) so, should be adequate to get some levels, doing dungeon doors is still the best way right? edit - completely forgot to factor doing herb runs and the daily battlestaff stuff. That'll help too, since it's over a month away still.
  5. so either crafting, construction, or smithing? out of those, do you have a reccomendation? I think crafting would be the best choice. smithing you can do like, superheat while mining in LRC, and construction, well, it's fast, but not as much benefit, my friends left the game long ago, so house party antics would be tough.
  6. First, I know doing a tree run helps. then, I don't have as much time to play the game in general, but I want to try to make it count during the weekend. My main goal is to do all the quests, which, is just Plague City, the last dwarf quest, and the brink of extinction left. The other goal is max combat, which just has melee left. I am 98 slayer, and I have a ton of bonus xp in there, so I need about 500k slayer xp to get 99. I've been putting supreme jack of trades to it every day. I have all the slayer masks, and I've been using the abbysal demon one to do two tasks in a day when I have time to play. so, my rough plan right now is tree run, then slayer abbysal demons for the 2 tasks, (roughly 3-4 hours total) and then just do other melee stuff as much as I can. My plan is to camp at hell hounds, but I am trying to come up with some alternate ideas in case it's unbearably crowded. are armoured zombies viable? I'm assuming doing like, ice barrage on daggoneths is going to be packed, even though that would be fast defense xp. another few ideas are to just do runespan, or maybe building up some hunting potions and doing draconic jandikos, the idea is since tons of people are going to be going for the best xp, doing something non-competative might help maintain my sanity. also, what's the best melee armor now? I have drygores, but they keep adding equipment.
  7. I do have 99 range and magic already, although I could use it for defense to 99. I have no interest in going for like, the 200m xp in a skill.
  8. what spell do you want to use with that? would it be the highest level thing like fire surge? or ancients? ice barrage?
  9. What I've been doing is since I have the abyssal mask helmet, I will get an assignment the night before, then the next day, use the aura, and go through the first abbysal demon assignment, and then go get another one using the mask, and do that. Then I sometimes have 10-20 minutes left so I've gone and done divination for a bit. My "goal" is to have maxed combat, and conventional wisdom says do it through slayer. I've also got like 900k bonus xp in slayer, and I've been putting the daily crystal amulet bonus xp in it too. I might start picking off more 99s since most of my skills are 90+ now. but still, from what I know, slayer is painfully slow xp. I'm almost to 96 slayer, should I continue with my enlightenment aura strategy, or is there something better I could do? I should probably add a farming run, but still. The other goal is easy - just 90 hunter for Ports. just need to suck it up and do it, but I've been putting the jack of trades aura towards it.
  10. I have like 900k -ish xp left (and 80k bonus xp) for 99 herblore. I know warbands are insane xp, but I am wondering about stocking up on overloads, and the super anti fires, and maybe those prayer renewal potions, or whatever other high level potions I should have. So, what's a good quantity of those high level untradeable potions I should make? I've tried doing warbands post nerf a few times, and I haven't had any luck having a run go well. (the warband fc people are insane dictators, and there's always been fighting for the camps with crashers)
  11. I am trying to get it set up so I can get only herb seeds, but I first needed to ward off common jandikos. Then I needed to get stuff to make some hunting potions to get some striped vines. Anyway, I set it up to track diseased jandikos, but for the life of me I can't even track one. The first tracks lead to a hole and it says nothing's out of palce. here's a screenshot http://postimg.org/image/8azz3gs01/97247861/
  12. So, is superior tetsu better than bandos armor? I just got 90 smithing and am wondering whether or not to make a set for me or sell it.
  13. What is the fpf thing? (the best way to train agility?)
  14. The subjugation and armadyl aren't a big priority since I am already maxed range and magic. Or is magic or range the way to go with frost dragons?
  15. Hey, I am interested in getting max combat and a high slayer level (90 for port, or maybe all the way to 99.) I remember reading about how getting melee xp and slayer xp is much faster in EoC, but I'm not sure how people do that. I have 84 dungeoneering, bandos armor, vine whip and EEE, saradomin sword, royal crossbow, and about 70 mil to work with, I believe I need to do dungeoneering to get chaotics, but which are good now? Claws or rapier(s) or maul? Are the crossbows and staff worth it? (I have max range and magic so they aren't as much of a priority unless they'll help with like, killing frost dragons or something to make money.) The common advice seems to be tormented demons to get money for drygores. I am close to getting 90 melee but I'm not there yet, but that could be the plan. I just got 90 smithing today so I could make a set of full superior tetsu, is it worth it? or should I make a tradeable version and sell? And I am going to start putting all "choose-able" xp into slayer. I just got a mask of the abyss this morning, and I have a few other masks (jellies, crawling hands, basilisk, jandiko and a few others) I remember that barraging the abyssal demons was supposed to be a good daily thing. So basically, what do I do for melee and slayer training? What melee chaotics should I get, and what armor?
  16. RSwiki mentions the following:"If wearing three or more pieces, there is a 1% chance per piece (starting at 3% for three pieces up to a total of 6% for the full set) whenever you take damage, that the damage is reduced to 10% of the original damage. Note that even if you have a mix of the armour, you still retain the bonus to negate damage. For example, if you wear a Warpriest of Saradomin cuirass and greaves, but Warpriest of Zamorak boots and gauntlets, you still maintain the 4% chance to reduce the damage to 10%." Which works out to a damage reduction of 0.05 * 0.9 = 0.045, or 4.5% overall, assuming five pieces are worn. Hybrid helmets, boots and gloves are universally horrible (because the non-hybrid counterparts don't reduce accuracy anyway), but perhaps it's worth wearing one bad hybrid piece to get 2.7% damage reduction, with top and legs as 'useful' hybrid. So just getting the top and legs would be a good choice? and use other regular armor for the helmet gloves and boots?
  17. Problem is, warpriest has a -15 defense, so stat wise it is as good as dragon armor at 75 defense. So it's only really good for lower level PvM type things like mid level slayer, Barrows, and Tormented Demons. And even those have better options. I would say warpriest is good for fashionscape, when you have no armor, things you don't need 60+ defense for, or for the few bosses you could hybrid without switches if you lack void; Tormented Demons and Barrows. So, for a person with 86 melee stats and 99 range and magic, it's not worth it for me? or is 83 slayer still "mid level?"
  18. I just want to know if it's worth buying or if I should just buy xp lamps. I don't really care about the titles/emotes because they are way too expensive for nothing, but the armour would be at least, well, the question is, useful?
  19. Is there a fast way to gather it? So far I've been just running around killing the various soldiers/champions/butcher demons, but I've only got like 250ish so far. I also just got the 3 items to make the weapons today. The event is ending soon, so I'd like to try to get them. What's a good way? I saw a method of standing at the gate and sniping them as they go in to your camp. Is that better? Also Is the armor worth getting at my level or would it be better to just get xp lamps?
  20. Prior to RS3 and the new interface stuff, if you put your mouse over something, it would display what it was in the top left corner of the screen. With the update, the words aren't visible. I prefer having the words up top instead of the mouseover text where the box appears over the top of the object. Is there a way this is possible? Also, side question, I am wondering about recommended interface set ups. I am currently using retro but I am curious if people found a set up they like.
  21. Is there a place on the forums to like "sign up" for a warband group? Every time I try to go to one since the "nerf" there's a group that gangs up on me.
  22. I need to use these up before may 16th. In the past I did chins and ice barrage, the idea was faster xp that was then doubled. I am currently in college so I don't have tons of time. Is there a "fast" way to get the benefit of the hati paws used up on melee? One thought I had was if i do go barrage daggoneths i can get def xp, plus maybe finish off summoning from the charms. other ideas? Also with skoll boots, i have 99 wc so i'll be doing laps in advanced barbarian course. unfortunetly that's still another 9ish hours I may not have to run in circles.
  23. I just want to confirm - ESO = Elder Scrolls Online? And, are you planning to quit runescape to play it or are you going to play both or see if you like it or what?
  24. I feel the tear the article is talking about. I had a few friends come back to play 07, and the few friends I had in game all went back. I tried playing it, but I just don't really like the idea of starting over. My favorite part of this game is quests. So for 07, all I'd be doing is quests or grinding for levels to play quests I've already done. The EoC has pros and cons in my opinion, so I'm not 100% for or against it. But I'll be staying in the game that gets updated. And if I ever get a max cape (doubtful) or stop having some amount of fun, I'll probably just be done with MMOs. I'm not starting over.
  25. would it be better to have the backup style be melee or mage? melee seems like a good universal, but maybe that's just me being ingrained from years of playing. melee has higher defense, but if i have a range body bound, magic could be more usuable, but, melee I'm never going to run out of ammo, and my melee skills aren't maxed, so the xp isn't going to waste. Do you have opinions about that?
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