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  1. DENN GETS ANOTHER 99!!?!!? I'll be sure to bring more cookies this time. :lol:
  2. It seems the triangle nub has emerged from its cacoon to become a square nub :lol:
  3. Spam much? OT: i dont agree with the idea of f2p/ftp's getting skilcapes. thats my opinion, it dosn't affect anyone, but myself.
  4. It's cause' most people just hate it for the fact that it needs hating... wait that made no sense. :shock:
  5. your still maning after... what... hmm *checks planner* 8 months after it happend :shock:
  6. :thumbsup: Gratz das, or daz, or dazzel? dazzel sounds nice, ok from now on your dazzel. dont ask.
  7. awwwww, shame i can't come grade 3 too late for me -.- in advance: GRATZ ON 99 COOKING AND 1337 TOTAL GRADE <3 - JAGA!?!?!?!
  8. Probaly, um... err... :shock: ok. 1 2 3! boom Strength! wow that was hard. #-o
  9. Gratz! thats a lot of boots :thumbsup: Wrong Forum though, you want the 'Rate this (Drops, Bank pictures and Levels)' :
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