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  1. If you actually looked at the picture, it is clearly stated he got it on the 4th of August, NOT today. Who gives a [cabbage] if you bot, if you did, cool. If not, cool. 10/10.
  2. I seriously don't know why you are making such a massive fuss about botting, Sw0rd. If you haven't worked it out yet, botting has existed in Runescape since it was released. There has literally NEVER been a single year in Runescapes life without botting. Your little plan of banning 100,000 botters a day? Won't work. Why? It takes exactly 30 seconds to start a new account, 30 seconds to set the bot up, and then it's back. As for your little trick to stop them mining ess? How long until it gets fixed? The only reason it isn't is most likely because absolutely no-one mines ess. I don't bot, but I really don't care if people do. But I have done some research, and let me just mention that the bots don't just farm ess. Most actually do Puro Puro, Hunter or Runecrafting. It's an utterly redundant issue anyway.. Seeing as bots will only stop after Runescape is gone forever, or stops letting people make new accounts. There is no point in [bleep]ing and whining about it. You can't do anything to stop it, so either deal with it, or find a game without bots. If you can. P.S: If you removed bots, the market price of everything may go up, but I highly doubt it would make skillers make soo much money, based on the fact that if materials rise, so will everything else. It's an economy, everything in it would be affected. Loss of ess would drive up the price, but it would also raise the price of everything else in the market.
  3. I felt it's time to bump this thread up, seeing as it has a definite release date now; March of this year. It should be freaking amazing. I recently got the God of War collection for my ps3. and loved every nostalgic moment of replaying GOW. I never played 2, and I must say I disliked it's story, and portrayal of Kratos, he seemed a bit whingy, but the backgrounds, and most of all the amazing work with enemies and weapons made it worth it. God of War 1, best game on the ps2, in my opinion, of all time. I LOVED everything about it. The fighting system was revolutionary; Complex, but amazingly simple. The character of Kratos, was purely epic in scale. One man, a single mortal, taking on the very GODS themselves. Pure win. Not to mention the Minotaur death scene, in Pandora's Temple. I have never seen a death scene as amazing as that. Kratos' pure brutality was also revolutionary, and I'm yet to see a game get the emotional response I gained from GOW match it. I also feel you are missing, and have a few bits of information incorrect, or worded poorly. The Ghost of Sparta came from having the ashes of his wife and child fused into his skin by the Oracle. You didn't mention it was his family's ashes. Him and Athena didn't have a loving relationship, not as far as I saw. Whilst they were friendly, there was no romance. Indeed, he acted rather rudely to her, just before leaving for Rhodes. Zeus didn't technically kill Kratos, seeing as Kratos is alive. You should clarify that as well. You didn't mention the fact that Kratos was the new God of War in his summary, unless you purposely avoided that for plot reasons. Some known things about God of War 3 should also be updated. We know now that Hades will play a role as a boss, implying the underworld will be involved as well. Hermes also appears to be a boss. There is speculation that the third queen of the Medusa; Stheno will also be involved, although she may be replaced by Helios. There is also speculation of Kratos having power over time itself, seeing as he is now the lone master of Fate, thanks to killing the 2 sisters, and Clothos. The Blades of Athena will appear, as well as an ability to run along walls, possibly related to Herme's, seeing as his 'power' as a god was wings on his shoes, which Kratos appears to wear in the trailer. Theres more to dredge up, but it's late. I'll edit this later if I think of it.
  4. Did you also consider games coming out soon? BF:BC2 FFXIII, God of War 3 are a few big examples. Plus, a Ps3 is amazing for media etc too.
  5. If I'm honest, I'd rather get my Ps3 online, from Ebay or such. I paid only $355 AUD for a ps3, MW2 and COD4 with 2 controllers. I'd pay $499 for the ps3 and 1 game with 1 controller in stores. It only took 3 days to arrive as well, and it has no issues. The main reason for it would be that a Ps3 isn't region locked, so you can play games from anywhere.
  6. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Amazing storyline, albeit a bit short, and the online is just amazing. It is the best fps on any system currently, although Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will be out March, and I think it might knock COD off it's plateau. It is a war game however.. Adventure, I'd go for perhaps Dragon Age:Origins, or God of War collectors edition. It's only $50 on Ebay, not sure about stores.
  7. Xbox 360 is the current best console on the market, from a pure gaming standpoint. Aka, instant gratification. The ps3 however, will EASILY overtake the Xbox360 by March next year. It has it's exclusives popping out all through the next 5 months. God of War 3, Star Ocean 4, FFXIII, BF: Bad company 2... It's gunna be the year of the Playstation. The issue is whether or not you can wait really. If you want in for the long haul, I'd advise a Ps3. If you want instant gratification, Xbox. The Playstation, in my experience, is more for slash n hack games, RPG's etc. The Xbox appears to be more set up for the FPS. But MW2 is on Ps3, and that is really all you need for a FPS. Plus with BF:BC2 out next March... Well, Just go with a ps3. The only thing so far the xbox wins at is selection, which it won't be king of for long, and also for it's better online chat. I don't like to use my ps3 to chat to people, and I don't game much with friends, as they all have xbox's, so I can't comment on that. Also, the Xbox has major manufacturing faults, I believe the saying is "It's not IF it will break, it's WHEN." Also, my PSN is Jaysues, feel free to add me to the PSN list. I currently play MW2, COD4, and Resistance 2, although I am getting Star Ocean 4, Demon's Soul, and FFXIII when they come out/when I can be bothered.
  8. This thread is a perfect example of why Rate This! has gone to the dogs. Kota acts like a 5 year old on crack. Grow up, quite frankly. How is this even a joke? The whole post is a load of [cabbage]. I'm not even sure why it wasn't locked when it was made, seeing as he never quit. *Sigh*
  9. Ahh, childhood games? I believe it was mainly Sonic of course. There was also Kirby, and I loved even back then the original Zelda. In fact, I still have my original Nintendo, and Super nintendo, along with most of my games. Original Zelda on the gold cartridge for the win! I also remember Banjo Kazooie, and my all time favourite game Zelda, Ocarina of Time. Kind of sad it still beats every game, even on the next gen consoles. Ah well.
  10. The biggest issue with the Ps3, and why the Xbox was so much better was because of games. The Xbox came out with Halo 3 and Gears of War right off the bat. All the Ps3 had was Resistance, which, while entertaining, just isn't as good as Gears. Hell, I don't think ANYTHING has come close to gears, although the latest Battlefield game looks like it will give it a run for its money. Ps3 is going to destroy the Xbox next year, with releases such as FFXIII, Star Ocean 4, God of War 3, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and that's just the first 3-4 months of the year. You can bet your [wagon] a new Ratchet and Clank will most likely be out, as will possibly the next MGS series, GTA's new game.. Yeah 2010 is going to be the year of the Ps3. Throw in the Ps3 slim is much cheaper, more efficient, and quieter then both Xbox360 and the original Ps3. Then theres the absolutely amazing amount of content on PSN, which, out of all of it my favourite is FFVII being available for $10. Yeah, Ps3 is going to rock next year. Xbox may win with its graphics card, but nothing on the market can scratch the Ps3's processor. I just bought myself a Ps3 for Christmas, got it at a absolute bargain, $355 for a 250g Ps3 slim, MW2, COD4, and 2 controllers. Gotta love Ebay:D.
  11. I have heard rumours of a certain group af players that each have well over 200 pumpkins each. So They aren't rarer then crackers, they were just alot easier to buy out when they were considered junk. Actually, Pumpkins I believe were the first rare ever released? Plus, back when they came out, they healed 12 hp, which was quite a lot back then. Add in space issues and other stuff, I would feel quite safe saying Pumpkins are almost as rare as Crackers. Crackers had a better chance of surviving through till now then a Pumpkin did.
  12. There has been a drop in quantity and a RISE in quality if you ask me. There has been a significant drop in the number of bugs in updates. Although for the first few months of 2009 there wasn't, now it's actually quite rare to find a major bug in their updates. Other sorts of quality like 'if you like it or not' is just opinion. And while the Chaos Elemental is quite unpredictable (as you should expect ;)), as are the Dev Blogs, you can rely on the Twitter hints to keep you in the know about what will be out this week. I wouldn't say that there is just no time line. I really question you saying that there has been a rise in quality? The single greatest updates ever done to the game include a few of the following: ~God Wars. ~Entire Tzhaar area. ~Slayer, and Summoning. ~Rs HD I suppose, I personally don't like it. This is adhering to RS2 updates. Out of those four, only ONE has been this year, and as it was a graphical update, that is to be expected in the 'Year of Upgrades'. While I admit, there has been a few nice minor additions, such as the Mining cavern area( Forget the name; Can't stand Mining or Fishing), and Bounty world (I think it was this year?), overall, the year has been absolutely horrid in terms of quality, long term updates. Removal of bugs? What removal? The only bugs I can clearly recall are as follows: ~Knife bug in RSC ~Party Hat Dupe also in RSC ~POH Bug, where you could a) Chuck a Duriel321, and B) Kill people with venge/poison etc. ~That odd symbol bug that Dc'ed people. ~The bug with Familiars in pvp. Out of all of those bugs, two out of five are from this year. Out of bugs clearly recalled in Rs2, 2 out of 3 are from this year. Not to mention, one of those bugs, the Symbol one, is quite possibly the WORST bug that has ever affected this game. As for quality updates, there has also been a share of utter crap with this years updates. The font? I haven't logged in for a few days, but the font they had changed all of Rs to use, was total and utter crap, being brutally honest. I CRINGED at the font. Not a good thing now, is it? The Prayer update, while interesting, was nothing that I wanted to run out and do. Thanks to the G.E running Rs, I knew I would pay 5000 gp for a Dragon Bone, something I refuse to do. Plus, the Prayers themselves are rather lacklustre. I don't PvP, nor monster hunt very often, thus I didn't need Leech or any of that stuff. The Herblore update, I will admit, was quite good. It did disappoint me however, that it was removed from minigames for so long, and only recently bought back. I do enjoy how Jagex are focusing on high level updates, as most of my skills are above 70, and all of my combat stats are over 80, most 90, yet I still haven't gotten an update that has just made me go "WOW!", and want to go back in, and live it up again. The best update of the year, to me anyway, was the RSC update. So, while I admit this year hasn't been utter [cabbage], I must disagree that it has been a quality year. Most of the year has been devoted on fairly minor things. Where is the new amazing monster; dropping awesome loot that I just HAVE to get? What happened to the fun minigames, such as Fight Pits, Clan Wars? Hell, I'd even take a new Fight Caves. Mobilising Armies? That wasn't a minigame. It was a chore. It was painful, and I couldn't stand to play it more then twice. Most people who got over 300 ranking, had to do it bit by bit, as they couldn't stand playing it for long periods of time. Jagex need to take a step back next year, and really consider the content in the game. Most people need something fun to stay in a game. I just don't feel the fun this year.
  13. Mh, a far more interesting Times then we have had in a while; I am getting sick of hearing about the economy. Racheya's article... Mh, not much to say about it. I felt it was a bit pointless, and wasn't really sure what it was trying to get across; That BTS still exists? That Jagex now Twitters...? I would have preferred if it was a bit more in depth as to what the discussion was about. Deathmath's article was very nice, except for a small part towards the middle, an editing error; "Back on topic, when RS2 came along, my dial-up wasnt sufficient. I accumulated about 5000gp, which at that time wouldn't really buy any equipment. Even steel armor was out of my price range. Then I came across what I saw to be an excellent source of money: chopping regular trees. I met a person in draynor bank who would meeI quit for a decent period of time, resigned to the fact I would never play it again, satisfied with my accomplishments at the time. Finally we got DSL, and I occasionally started to play. Why? I wanted to level up and finish all the f2p quests. But even after doing this I felt like I needed to do more. I realized the kind of time commitment it would take to make the money to train skills. (at the time it took a long time to sell anything, because of the lack of a GE)" It appears as if a sentence was cut off, and another pasted right afterwards. Apart from that, I enjoyed the article quite a bit. At the end I was actually wondering what was my motivation to play Runescape, and while I rarely play anymore it was very thought provoking. This is the kind of article, that I, personally, would much rather be reading. I don't really care about Party Hats etc, indeed, my favourite part of the Times was actually the interviews conducted with various 'celebrities' throughout the Runescape community. It would be excellent if that was bought back, in my opinion.
  14. He said Iron Dragons, not Dagannoth Kings. My advise is to have a look, I'm fairly sure Chaos Bolt, or even Fire Wave is better then Slayer dart, cost wise and experience wise. I've got no experience with surge, but if it gives double base experience of Fire Wave it would be cheapest and best exp/h at Iron Dragons. Slayer Dart is basically garbage with modern prices, it's 400 gp for a Death Rune, or 450 gp for a Blood (Prices might not be accurate though), but Fire Wave is much better exp, hits higher and is more accurate. So yeah, Fire Surge if its double the exp of Fire wave, or Fire Wave otherwise.
  15. In my honest opinion, the easiest way to solve this crap is to bring back freedom of trade to any person with over 100 days played time. If a person is [developmentally delayed]ed enough to RWT, bam, there goes 2400 hours of time. Simple enough to me. Or perhaps a combat level limit, such as over 115 members, or 100 combat f2p. I highly doubt a gold seller will get 100 days played time to sell their goods. Problem solved, removes need for "junk" and lets the people decide the prices. Keep the ge as is, which allows other to at least attempt to gain items, if they are not 100 days played.
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