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  1. His name is at the end of the trailer, so I assume so :P
  2. Ooh, awesome... But so expensive :(
  3. Bump :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTSoD4BBCJc
  4. Only for rookie adventurers/roleplayers. Otherwise, potions are way better. Also, I can't even start the Blood on the Ice quest, nor buy the house in Windhelm just because I've done some Dark Brotherhood quests. I can live with the fact that I might have killed some questgivers, but not for a quest I need to do to become a thane. That's just low and I hope it'll get fixed soon.
  5. Looks like all the resistance abilities, enchantments and potion effects have stopped working after downloading the latest patch.
  6. During the penultimate College of Winterhold quest I got [spoiler=Spoilers!]2 Staffs of Magnus Anyone else got this?
  7. Because with smithing you still get a decent ammount of experince at higher levels, other skills are really grindy at higher levels, that and since you get the same exp for smithing anything smithing can be cheap and fast to level up. Going specifically on enchanting, you have to buy the soul gems, fill the soul gems, get some armor/weapons to enchant, go through each of the menus for every item you want to enchant, and repeat. It's very time consuming and rather expensive. Then you have the fact that there seems to be no master level enchanting trainer in skyrim. so from 75 to 100 all that training has to be you at an enchanting table. There is a master enchanter in Markarth. I personally collected all my soul gems from creatures. You can find many of them in Dwemer ruins or necromancer dens.
  8. Is that that one LotR game that people compared to SW: Battlefront? Nope, this is The Two Towers, an early last gen one. Considered one of the only good movie games. The Return of the King was way better.
  9. I can't find the jailor in Solitude. I've checked the dungeon multiple times. Anyone else know where he is?
  10. I'd hate something I can't access either, tbh :P There's been a GOTY (with all the dlc's on a disc) for both Oblivion and Fallout 3, so there should be one for Skyrim eventually.
  11. Ah, nice. I'm currently downloading and installing the game. It also appears that we can talk about the beta-test now.
  12. Yay, I've been selected to beta-test. I even forgot I had an account :P
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