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  1. Everyone's at IHOP getting free pancakes. ... Seriously though, I haven't noticed any significant change in the amount of players.
  2. I did lose connections and lag quite a bit today at barrows even after hopping to several worlds. Glad to know it's not just me.
  3. Dance Gavin Dance's Heat Seeking Ghost of Sex. Seriously love this band, i have high hopes for this album.
  4. pretty ftw if i do say so myself. its good to be back, TIF :]
  5. Actually, I was going to tank. His Mage, Pray and Defence are all lower than mine so I decided to be the tank.
  6. Hmm..maybe I should add that to the original post :-# But yea he has a Godsword. My main worry was that 80 Def wasn't good enough to tank, but now I see that I can. Thanks a lot!
  7. First off, I just want to say I'm not looking for efficiency here. I'm thinking about duoing Kril with a friend for the fun, and to just be with him on his first God Wars trip. I was wondering if it would be possible for me to tank Kril (my friend has less defence than me) while my friend attacks. My friends levels are: 74 HP 75 Att 80 Str 73 Def 55 Pray Range/Mage in the 60s :/ 7 Summoning lol I will be Tank Ranging, while my friend will be meleeing. Can we do it? How hard of a time would we have? How many kills do you think we'd get? I've have some experience at Armadyl God Wars, but this is the first time i've ever tanked, and also first time at Kril Thanks for any replies :
  8. ^^ Thank you so much. Just curious, but why the change?
  9. gaah. What happened to Forsakenmage? and what's the new unofficial Tip.It chat?
  10. Tank. Unless you can deal with playing PC for full void everytime you die.
  11. Agreed with Purepure. And its nice to see that he finally debunked the whole 'pmg f2p isz demo!' thing.
  12. I've heard from a few people that you could use rune throwing axe's special to simultaneously hit all healers and get them on you. It seems like this would save a lot a trouble, has anyone tried this or recommend it? (Sorry if its been brought up already)
  13. 90+ Ranged and 75 (Preferably 80) defense. Sorry if it seems like the bar is set pretty high, but at your level everyones got their levels that high. I'd personally say go for main, since I'm not too sure what 90+ range would do to your HP. Go for 75 Attack, 85+ Strength, and 70, 75 or 80 defense before you start pking. Also in the long run go for 94 magic for Veng.
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