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  1. use "assistclan" cc (no space)
  2. gonna go for torag's hammers, anyone know if it will actually work with 70 att+77 strength, would I need to use piety?
  3. Anyone know an effective way to kill them without gaining att or str exp, so a crush wep with defensive mode.
  4. Would it be possible to do these with 1 defence and no prayer? Has anyone tested how often they hit against 1 defence. (they look quite weak :pray: )
  5. Either get 85-90def+ stay low prayer, or get 99 defence+70 prayer, 99 defence is best.
  6. Does anyone know how much construction experience you get per morphic hammer? (the one that gives x2 exp) Thanks \
  7. great guide, helped with the setup alot...one question though...is it best to finish off all the lobsters or get more lobsters once you have less than 4-5 of them in the safespot.
  8. If you have range/magic base combat or low attack I think its worth having very high defence in p2p pking, low defence and you spend most of you time eating to recover from the last hit and much lower chance of surviving rushes.
  9. Thanks for posting \ \ \ Got another 4 zombie and 3 skeleton scrolls in bank, did alot of training on undeads...
  10. No training at pest control or soul wars. [hide=Some big HD .png's] [/hide] [hide=1337][/hide] All stats 60+ next :thumbsup: Rate :pray: Edit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkoU28aZcsw Youtube vid link
  11. What is best way to train up RC without worrying about profit too much, Fire rcing with dueling rings ZMI Natures with ghrakk Any other ideas? Which one is fastest exp at 47 rc.
  12. crozier and white gloves will give another 2 prayer bonus
  13. Used to PK quite a bit, before Christmas though, still PK every week or so now. Thanks for rates \ \ \
  14. 17.6m Range exp 15.6m Defence exp Should have 85 slayer in a week and 99 hp in 2 weeks. 85 slayer should also get me charms for 83 summoning \ Rate please :pray: [hide=My *cabbage* merch skills][/hide]
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