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  1. oh and ide have to say my name was the best jmadrox AS IN JAMIE MADROX (: twisted well those were good times and all but i was way to young to under stand the concept but i learned
  2. i rember i was 8 or 9 when i started this game i remember standing in al kharad bank typing i would like to access my bank acount please i musta typed that damn phrase fifty times before i learned how to ban k my brother also laughed at me when i got stuck in drayner maner for 2 weeks he said well ur 1 hour time starst now and i just said screw it and said u could play. i bet he loved that lol
  3. you think were abusing the system eh? well atleast were not running around in 100k-7 mill armours with a skull trying to get a kill that is not worth the rtesources nor the time we do it because its the only real way to make money pking any more i mean really the atk lvls in pvp? 10 undrr and 10 below does a lvl 30 realy wana get rushed by a lvl 40? and bh is ok i guess except every coule of seconds your getting pjed by some noob wearing 1 item and telling u not to eat or run. so instead ill just keep ''abusing the system'' as you say untill the fix this problem and they cant fix the trick. if they nerf gold well use runes. if they nerf runes well use rune b axes. if they nerf rune lol then wtf will pking become? well this is my view on this if jagex wants equalit back then fix the pvp system to wear it can be equal i dont want a 20k drop from a 400k kill and it makes the killed feel like [cabbage] when there 400k is instantly turned into 20k. so ima keep on doing wat i do. my f2p lvl 57 pure has made 3.1 mill off this so far and im gaining ep as i type this. well bye (:
  4. ok look here trick haters this is how i see it jagex took away fair pking long ago you can tell that wen u pk a person wearing full rune and u get a rune kite. so this is a way to equeal out major loss for minimum gain you why not do it if you could minimum loss and major gain it equals each other out and i doubt people will quit doing it till pk is equal again
  5. why are you p2pers agains giving f2p a little lean way i mean its not like u dont get better everything i mean you can tell f2p armours and skilling atiems and skilling spots totaly pwn all p2p spots i mean on almost every world i see 5 to 10 people in drayner wcing willows how many do you see in p2p hacking away at willows in draynor not many i can tell you that seing how as i got a p2p and f2p acount i mean in one post i seen a guy say all that f2p deserves is deletion but as jagex states members is just an expansion pack to the game and f2p is the game not a never ending demo as is stated in this some were ide like to see some better skilling spots in f2p and a hell of a lot less members complaining there [wagon] off that we get a new up date every 3 years ps i know my gramar sucks so dont say anything
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