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  1. drag hosted a find me 8 wins+drop party loot, minus a bunch of papaya and cash
  2. Somebody brought a MegaDuck to the GE took us ~20 minutes to kill it thanks to the balanced strike users
  3. I wouldn't count playing non-grindy content like quests a waste of time. Here's the real question; Would the time spent grinding a RS xp/cash/item goal be better spent on something else that might be a more overall rewarding entertainment experience than the satisfaction of completing said goal within the confines of Runescape. Calc that, efficiency trolls :P :thumbup:
  4. Rare footage of tip.it user Hedgehog pre-efficiencyscape :thumbup: http://youtu.be/KCMIVXjL6us
  5. [spoiler=good day today] got a large cash bag from a spin ticket they dropped aswell
  6. Roflzilla logged in today, so i checked my old imageshack. [spoiler=swearing? probably] [spoiler=bonus]
  7. What was it, 10-14 days ago you were asking for 500k donations to get back on your feet :P
  8. So Jagex broke DirectX and- I don't think I'm safe behind this LCD monitor -- Fashionscape?
  9. :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: Mod molt had some blind bag ones ontop of his pc in the bts. On topic, named my ship "The bad ship wreck" and "SS unwanted ship"
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