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  1. Yeah, there's the GE, but standing there and selling stuff would get boring after a while, wouldn't it? These shops would have assistants like RS shops, so you wouldn't have to sit there and rune the shop youself. Then, if you're making a lot of money, you could franchise your business and make even more money. As far as stocking hte shop, get friends to help and split profits.
  2. Well, I don't have a skillcape, but I don't see the poblem with getting one just to have it. Having 99 in a skill should be something to be proud of, not something you should do just because you have nothing better to do.
  3. This might sound like the craziest idea you've ever hears, but what if you could actually start and own a business in RS. Not like merchanting or selling stuff on the GE, but an actual shop like at the Bandit Camp in the wilderness. That shop sells pizzas or something like that. Your shop would sell some usefull item or items in a place where people need or use them a lot. Now, I know this might sound completely stupid to people, but I'm sure that if everyone inputs some sort of CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, we can turn this into something really really cool. Just don't call me and my big ideas stupid! :D
  4. I thought that you get a trimmed skillcape by have 2 skillcapes, not 2 lvl 99 skills. But I might just be stupid and thats totally wrong.
  5. At first, I couldn't stand the GE. The prices were waaayyy out of whack. However, now that the prices have settled to a more agreeable price, its been a big help. Example: Zammy page 4 was 90k in january. Now its worth over 400k.
  6. Well Jagex started talking about the trade limits and such about a month before it came out. Also, they probably had been planning and developing those updates for quite a while as well. So that would put us at about the end of July '07. The graphics came out a year later, so Da Latios is right.
  7. Well, I'd get agility, thieving, wc, fm, and fletching up, but I'm more of a skiller than a fighter.
  8. When Jagex put out the December updates and destroyed the RS economy, the wilderness, and a lot of other stuff we take for granted, a whole lot of people quit. Jagex probably figured that they needed something to give the rest of us that stayed a token of their appreciation. So..... did RS really need a complete makeover? Or was the new face just something to thank us for sticking with RS through the tough times? I think that had something to do with it. That probably wasn't the only reason for the change, but IMO that was a huge factor. I really hope that nobody else wrote anything about the same thing. Sorry if someone did, and I guess thanks for having the same opinion.
  9. OK, sir.... If you want me to be more polite, sensible, sophisticated, and uptight when I make my posts, kindly ask me before you go and begin to make fanciful assumptions. However, for you, my kindly, yet misinformed friend, I will iterate this fact. This is a RuneScape fan site, not a formal paper!!! I'm not going to go back and do a spell check on it! So things like the wrong form of 'hear' or 'where' shouldn't be the end of the world. I can't figure out what you mean by my profile is shabby. As a matter of fact, I don't have any of the things the ask you to fill out, and if I do, I'm not going to post them I'm some website for a million people to look at. I don't really care what people say, I don't completely trust everyone on the internet, not even the people on Tip.It or RS. Hillbilly country is just the name I decided to call central Indiana. I know that not everyone there is a billy, but I am and a lot of my friends are. So I'm sorry if you don't think before making stupid conclusions. As a matter of fact I did make that post up myself. If you don't think so, please don't express that opinion, as I don't have time for that kind of bull.
  10. The adsd are just there. Jagex makes money off them, so nonmems get to play. I don't really pay any attetion to them.
  11. I don't like range, purely because I think it takes longer. And more mages have pwned me in the wildy (when it still was the wildy) than rangers.
  12. ok people. Here's my opinion 1. SOME members don't have anythnig else better to do than play RS all their life. If you got the impression that I was calling all members losers with no life, I'm sorry you took it the wrong way and maybe I should have been more clear on the first post. 2. SOME non-members have other things to do and don't want to put $5 into something they can't devote a whole lot of time to. Why should people harrass us for not paying when SOME of us don't play as much as SOME members. Like me. I only subscribe in the winter when I'm really not doing anything. I hope that got my thought across.
  13. No of course not. A whole new skill is way too much to ask, especialls considering updates like the party room, clan wars, bounty hunter, and HD runescape. Maybe some additions to an old f2p skill would be more reasonable, but that's still stretching it.
  14. I can see that I'm preaching to the choir here..... :wall: I said that some members have nothing better to do than play RS. Nowhere did I say that some members don't pay. Maybe you should take a speech class.....
  15. Frowned upon? All I said was that I think SOME members don't have anything better to do than play an online game. I never said that paying for it was bad. I quit for the summer so I could go outside and enjoy being outside while it lasts. In the fall, when it starts to get too cold to be outside all the time, I'll join again. I'll have to quit early this spring to play golf. I don't want to pay for membership if I won't be on enough to get my money's worth out of it.
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